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Facebook + love life + rambling?

ok so like a bunch of shit happened with the lady so things aren't great anymore

I don't know at the minute if I'll be unlazy enough to write about it

BUT FIRST OK guys I finally got a facebook so
if anyone wants to friend me or something idk http://www.facebook.com/shelby.noelle.79 here you go

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My complicated love life + updates

So my first very real, very gay set of news might take a while to write but I'm thoroughly excited. You'll have to wait a moment though c:

Right now, I'm sitting at home eating breakfast and watching Harry Potter. But SHELBY! you might say, It's a school day!

Well, yes. I'm in Running Start, a college in the high school program. So as it is, I go to first period (orchestra) and then I come home and I"m done with school (until college starts on the 24th, then that's a whole 'nother story, but I'll get to that when it happens).

So, I finallllly have time to write things!

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Interview With a Cannibal


30 minute documentary... Pretty interesting!...

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migraines migraines migraines

so today I had a horrible migraine all day

I get them rather often, at least once a week.

So.. tsk.. news!

My dad bought me a car! It's absolutely amazing actually, like, I'm so happy with it. It's a 2001 black jeep grand cherokee and it's gorgeous. It has a lot of small issues and one big engine issue, but dad got it for like 1/7 of the cost. He's a great mechanic though so he'll fix it up awesome c:

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Anyways if you were just here for the hair, go ‘head and X out now

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Stuff! :)

so first off- HAIRCUT!


I love my haircut. It's very short and shaved on the back and sides, and the bangs are just POOF. I basically schmear styling clay/gel on it and tousle it and it's all good to go c: or just wake up and let the bedhead fly.

Anyways- My life has been really great!!!! a few possible new love interests, but nothing serious or permanent, AWESOME TIMES with a few of my close, older friends :) and guard is starting up, too!

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Paper Towns, Paper People, Paper Lives

We find it difficult to understand that other people are human beings in the same way we are. We idealize them as gods, or dismiss them as animals

So I just finished rereading Paper Towns, by John Green. I haven't read it in years, and I always love his books. They get me thinking.

For any who have not read the book, and some who have, it is not a love story- Not romantic love, at least. Despite it involving Quentin, the main character, being in love with Margo Roth Speigleman, the main lesson of the book is this-

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today I went shopping, bought some new shorts for band camp and POKEMON SHIRTS!
they're kinda lame b/c they're just pikachu, but egh. Any pokemon shirt is good for me c:

I have been handling the breakup well, mostly! c: In fact, I have a NEW BOYTHING
we've got a bromance. He's my brofriend.

really we're both too fukken awkward to make the relationship any sort of feelsy on a regular basis so we like call each other dude and be dicks to people and play video games

that is our relationship so far

I like it

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I suppose I should write the obligatory father journal

My dad is awesome.

Sometimes he's really stubborn and old-fashioned and doesn't really know how to handle me crying and stuff, but mostly, my dad is really fair.

I have no idea sometimes how he stands being married to mom when she's all cranky, though... He's a trooper. He's a good guy yaknow?

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So, basically. The ex.

I don't wanna get too wordy and emotional, so I'll bulletpoint.

-is doing exactly what he did last year
-is the angstmaster flex
-so he dumps me again
-I am happy
-he is angsty
-can't even sit at the same lunch table as me with his best friends there
-can't you just ignore me
-woops emotions
-guess I was right
-you know

So honestly, I'm not THAT upset about the breakup, 'cause I know what's going on... same as last year.
Kid's got so many damn emotions, he really needs to sort them out.

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so I got dumped, or attempted dumped today.


over a stupid, stupid, stupid!!!!! reason.
now school will be lonely and fuckall.

damn it

he is so complicated and yet wonderful at the same time and all i want is things to be okay, to be okay again, and for him to say he loves me like he did today and tell me he loves my tiny baby hands

everything was fine so soon ago


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Supernatural Experiences

Okay! So hey guys. I'm up late with another rousing case of my nighttime anxiety about stupid things.

Anyways, I have an odd curiosity towards the supernatural, but reading about it fucks me over in the sleep department. So.. while I'm up... Anyone have any creepy stories? Things you never figured out that happened when you were little?

I have a few but they're kinda silly, not worth telling. My friend remembers some little things, like laying down to take a nap on a bed where there was a shelf right across, and waking up and all the things were rearranged but nobody moved them.

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Things I Am Thankful For (that most bratty, whiny people forget to be happy about)

I am a thankful child.

I am thankful I can sit in a tub of artificially heated water every day and relax my sore, first-world-barely-worked-muscles; enough water wasted every day to keep someone hydrated for months-

I am thankful I return to a stable house with working plumbing so I can shit without worrying about getting cholera from our water supply, and I can wash our clothes, hands, dishes, etc-

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Quick posting of something before I go to finish my work-


I have a feeling you'll enjoy this, Chad. It sure made *me* laugh.

Oh, religion. You wacky, thing, you.

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Oh god I am so sick

I don't know how, but I've gotten really sick, so I'm gonna write a short journal before taking a hot bath and laying down for nappsies.

-I got my driver's permit and have been driving (which is really fun)
-Spring break is lonely and really fukkin' sucks without my dude friends
-I made a sandslash out of clay last night just for funsies and will paint it later

maybe i'll go lay on the couch and watch ponies and stuff until I feel better


WAIT WAIT WAIT I have some pictures for you all

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