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I don't know if I've really displayed my absolute love for theater on here, but I do. I've always wanted to be part of it because I just enjoy it so damn much. I can't sing, though. Nor can I act. I could be prop girl?
But then it hit me today!



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Purposefully getting food poisoning

I left out creme brules from last night's dessert and I'm eating them anyways. Too yummy to waste.

My sister said some terrible things today and I don't feel like doing anything but play viola, sleep, eat food, and play video games. Maybe some art. It's such a hassle. This last week has gone down the shithole. What am I supposed to do? God.

Does anybody want to come over and watch happy movies and snuggle with me on the couch? We can eat yummy food and laugh and be warm under comfy blankets. And then get into a pillowfight :3

Just a suggestion! :D

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Bad things that end up good

Like today.

Everything seems better now :)

Daddy found a harmonica and he cleaned it up and gave it to me. Personally, playing a new instrument is awesome even if a harmonica doesn't really count XD It's so much fun!

I'm really sick and I should go to bed. I'm coughing and sniffling and it's gross and bleck. I got a B+ on my Trig. quiz 8D It's awesome!

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At the library

I hate being sick. It's the type of sick that is so typical of movies and stuff, the runny nose, sore throat, fuzzy head sort of cold that makes you just wanna chug a bottle of Nyquil and take a nap.

God I wish it were that easy.

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Is it possible to get a hangover from anything that's just incredibly awesome? Nothing like a few hours in a wet, cramped rock cave at the beach... with someone... ;D

Today was great until he said the words "Don't get mad at me..."

Then it went to shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

Damnit. I thought things were going uphill and then they went pshyoom D:

Please please please things get better again. I hate this feeling.

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I don't know what to be jealous about.

Everything about today was fabulous- The smell of cotton candy, smokers cooking pork to be mixed with barbeque sauce, grilled meats, hot dogs, and the fresh sea air (mixed, of course, with the fishy-but-yet-not smell of sundried seaweed), the music loud and the waves lapping against the rocky shore, and the crowds of people bustling to look at the hand-made crafts of beautiful colors of all sort.

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The strings

It's not even that I don't know what to say, I just don't know how to say it. That's what I love so much about Orchestra class, the unspoken, misunderstood words can flow from my soul and out into the air, beautiful for people to hear. Or terrible, and out of tune, and broken. Your soul, your heart, makes the music.

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Vitamin String Quartet

Anybody else but me absolutely love them? They're my favorite right now.

Here's the first cover I heard from them:

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Suck on this

I AM writing a journal, HAH.
Take that.

Um, but seriously, all my recent romantic endeavors are indeed very Heterosexual and I feel bad writing about that on here.

I loooove orchestra and being second chair Violist. Mr. Orchestra is on CRACK I swear and he likes to project his voice very, very, loudly in my direction. And stuff.

Love him :)

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Fuckin' dentists. Does anybody else but me REALLY hate going? I don't like someone staring in my mouth for an hour and poking my gums accidentally when they're scraping my teeth.
And I NEVER floss because it's a pain. I have sensitive gums DX I don't want to go, but I have to. Lovely, lucky me.

I could never be a dentist. Mouths look so weird when they're all open and bleckkk.

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Baww baww rant whine whine

Are there any days where you feel like nobody will listen and care about anything you have to say cuz you're being a drama-queen-whine-whore?


Anyways, so I'll just write out stuff here and see if it helps.

Um. So I haven't been getting much sleep (This morning I woke up at like, six thirty, too) because I keep falling half asleep and dreaming that I'm doing drill, so I'll be like "WTF Why am I laying on the ground? I need to reset and do that run again!!!" and so I'll sit up and wake up and this'll go on till like, 5 AM or later D: It's so annoying...

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Ohkay. So you remember I was all like "DOOD DOES BLUEBOYTUBAMAN LIKE ME AGAIN?" and then I was like "Eh, let's let it pass, I doubt it"

Well he's been tickling me. ALOT. Like so much I'll fall into his lap and he'll KEEP TICKLING ME
and today
He hugged me with the "gay hug" again, but he stopped as he pulled away with his hand still on my hip, and looks at me, and says

"You smell nice."
Then he smiles a little and walks away.

I hope he's messing with me... D: Please!

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I, him, her, us, them,

I had one of those dreams last night. The kind where it feels like you're totally and completely awake, even though the most unrealistic things happen you don't seem to notice as much.

I'm gotten so used to lucid dreams that I usually question any happy moment now. I figure about 90% of the happiest moments of my life must be dreams, including what I dreamt about last night.

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OH MY GOD YES Band Camp week one is OVAH


Maybe I'll tell you about it later, but I have to go to bed soon... I'm tripping balls because I'm so tired!

But I'll just give you one hint!!!

I got mauled with tickles today


On a scale of 1-10, how ticklish are you? And do you like to be tickled?
I'm like a four and I do like it. It's fun. Tickle fights are amazing!!

Well, uh...
Night!!!! <3

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AHH I'm taking a break to write shizz before bed

Panda, one of our leaders for Colorguard, is dating Ms. Ping, this other leader who teaches us dance. And today Ms. Ping was talking about how they're gonna get married soon and how they're planning the wedding and it's SO CUTE. Like, ADORABLE. And we're getting a new boy in Colorguard (who's freaking ADORABLE, by the way) and the first thing Ms. Ping asks is "IS HE YOUR BOYFRIEND?" to the one boy on our Colorguard who's very, very gay XD
Actually, he really reminds me of Swimmerguy :P

anyways, I need some... Advice? Or something?

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