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I want

I want to go around the city
and find those who need help
I want to stop
and help them through whatever they need
Whether it be carrying, feeding, pushing-

I want to run around a park
and find those teary-eyed people sitting
alone on the benches;
and give them a hug and ask them to tell me
What went wrong
How can I help
Will you smile for me?

I want to donate all of my body parts
to some random hospital
to give to people when I die-
Just so I know that
part of me will live on and
perhaps, save lives-
Even when I'm no longer around to do it myself.

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I just feel like I should write before bed

Today I was supposed to stay silent.

I didn't.

I failed miserably out of fear of getting in trouble by a teacher. Plus... I'm weak. I like talking. It reminds me I'm alive.

I got my blood test back today. After much fear, I have normal Iron levels in my blood. I'm healthy...!
How happy. I was very scared.


TO THE MENS. I'd just suggest skipping this next part. It's about womanlyness.

Today in PE a terrible thing happened. I started my period yesterday, which means I'm heavy for the next five or so P:

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And so, I cannot speak- My fingers do the speaking in the whispers of a pen trailing across a post-it note.

I messed up a little
I said

"OH I'm wearing my socks!"

But it's the morning so I'll forgive myself.

Had a pretty freakin' crappy day yesterday. I fell asleep while doing my homework. Which REALLY ISN'T GOOD TODAY. So I might have to do it in Social Studies P:


Ummmm... What else to say
I went to the doctor

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I cut my own hair

Just a little bit on the sides. Gee, it was alot of hair though. It's so I can pull it back today, and wear my dress. I'm trying to look as pretty as possible and stun people XD

Yesterday I did a great thing with Kay. We stayed after school until seven thirty to help out with this thing at our school called "Market Day"-

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I have no titles lately P:

Yesterday was fabulous. Why? No sleep=better day? Jeez. I don't know anymore. Maybe I should just NEVER go to bed. Life'll be FABULOUS.

I got two good hits in softball, and my ability to run without passing out, coughing, or dying is getting MUCH better cuz I keep pushing myself so hard. (Per.1)

Jonah's being real nice to me in Geometry. (Per. 2)

The library is really fun. And I got like eight sources for my subject, Dale Chihuly. He's a glass artist over here in Washington. (Per. 3)

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...I want to FOX with you!

I think this was the best day EVAR XD


I'll write again in the morning, so I apolgize in advance for backed up journals...

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The last journal was never written.

And if you read it, pretend it wasn't.

Comments as well. No, comments ESPECIALLY.

Good morning, good morning, I love you all.

Guess who didn't get any sleep at all?

Me, the girl who went to bed a "one"

Who barely got all her homework done

A month of stress and quick writing reprise

Returned to find quite a bittersweet suprise

So from now on, I'll watch what I write

In hopes that I can fall asleep tonight...

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Four hundred a b seven semicolon period capital o comma nine

I figured that'd be a more fun title than 400ab7;.O,9
Or whatever.

I'm lonely again. I forgot to write before I went to sleep last night (At eleven thirty. I sleep at the same time EVERY night, even school nights I think) and I got up at nine thirty.

Did I ever mention my love for tulips?

Kay, my best friend, picked me one yesterday and put it in my hair, and I realized "Gee, it's so pretty... I really do love tulips. "
It wilted overnight.

Is that me? A wilted tulip? Left out overnight with no water, struggling to live?

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Not in a writing mood

I'm really not. I keep leaving this screen open, blank, with nothing to write. I really should write something though. I checked in with my counselor today. It was cool. She's so nice. Um... I don't really have anything to write. Hello, weekend. I missed you.

I'm going to go play DS in my room now. Yeah. I've been working on art for way too long today. Bye guys. Sorry about my laziness.

I am a thinker and a feeler, according to my counselor. Gee, she's so wonderful. And she's right. I want to help people. I think that's what I want to do with my life. I really do...


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I don't fell well

I don't want to go to school.

I'm addicted to Colbie Caillat.

I feel like throwing up D:


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It's a ten.

I spent two whole hours talking to my counselor.

It was...

Amazing. <3

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to say more. But she is absolutely the most fantastic person ever X3 I showed her my ankle... And she said at the end "You know, I call parents 100% of the time when I know they're cutting themselves," *Shelby does a scared face* "But I'm not going to call for you. I have a feeling we can work this out without bringing it home."

Squeee! :D She's so fabulous. Chad, I bet the other counselor is just as awesome. You should see her sometime :)

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C, Je'adore vous.

What a day.

Let me repeat that... What. A. Day.

I'mma get a snack. Be right back. Don't have a heart attack ;D

Hmm. I probably shouldn't tell you guys this, because you'll freak out. But I feel I should write it anyways. It's in my head.

I always make excuses for myself. "Oh, I'm not an alchoholic. I just like a drink every now and then when I'm sad. Oh, I'm not an emo cutter. I just like to see the blood. I don't need to see a counselor, I'm fine."

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He's so fabulous and wonderful and funny and his smile does silly things to my heart...

Right now I'm drinking black coffee with a smidge of vanilla syrup in it. It's cold, burnt, and bitter tasting.

I'm also talking to T and my buddy Marcus. About boners. And jacking off. Interesting...

I feel like crying. Odd. I always end up talking about T and how I love him... To T himself. Argh.

For now, it's bedtime. I'll post when I wake up. Night people.


I have no time :C I slept in so I could feel better... So I'll write something later maybe. Ehh. We're doing high school registrations today. Scary! D: I'll talk to you guys laterrrrrrr <3

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You blow my mind

And I cum knowledge ._.

Ohohohohkay then! >.>;;

I feel funky. And rediculously happy. Remember what I said about my little sleep schedule= Great-ass mood? Yeah XD I didn't fall asleep until like OhgeeIdunnothreethirty AM.

I woke up at 5:30. And made an omelet with ham, green onions, and cheese. And smeared some cream cheese and cinnamon sugar on toast. And put orange juice into my amazing new tiger thermos. Yay.
Breakfast was dewiciousss.

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We ask, we answer, we think
Does this happen to us?
Am I so incomplete?

I don't know what's wrong with me lately. I hope school wil fix it. I feel happy, but so suicidal or self-injur-y inside. It's weird. I don't get it. I don't understand.

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