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Things I Am Thankful For (that most bratty, whiny people forget to be happy about)

I am a thankful child.

I am thankful I can sit in a tub of artificially heated water every day and relax my sore, first-world-barely-worked-muscles; enough water wasted every day to keep someone hydrated for months-

I am thankful I return to a stable house with working plumbing so I can shit without worrying about getting cholera from our water supply, and I can wash our clothes, hands, dishes, etc-

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Quick posting of something before I go to finish my work-


I have a feeling you'll enjoy this, Chad. It sure made *me* laugh.

Oh, religion. You wacky, thing, you.

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Oh god I am so sick

I don't know how, but I've gotten really sick, so I'm gonna write a short journal before taking a hot bath and laying down for nappsies.

-I got my driver's permit and have been driving (which is really fun)
-Spring break is lonely and really fukkin' sucks without my dude friends
-I made a sandslash out of clay last night just for funsies and will paint it later

maybe i'll go lay on the couch and watch ponies and stuff until I feel better


WAIT WAIT WAIT I have some pictures for you all

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My uncle just died...

Yeah, not doing my math homework. Cryin' too much.

It's scary how quick people die. One day they're fine, the next they're bleeding internally and their heart stops.


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An update :')

okay so where do I start :D

So first off : Yeah I've been fukkin' inactive as all shitface. I get on like once or twice, read the journals up, and then leave. So sorry D:

I love you all though~

My recent bout of crap mood has floated away, so hooray! I think I was just really feeling lonely, and like nobody wanted to hang out. And then I went on an orchestra trip and got to spend lots of time with my friends and boyfriend and then I came back just feeling great.

I think I just needed an outlet.

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be back on Sunday!

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Popping a Zit

in which I write some collectively depressing insights on my life right now.

So, I guess, it's just kinda whatever. Just bored as all shit.. Not exactly like my usual, but hey. After all that poetry shit we've been doing in english... I'm gonna write something, I guess.

Prepare your anus for a raping of lameness and emo-ness I guess...

I always wonder the different reasons for people cutting.

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Boyfriend is sick :( He's got hives and he's been throwing up :(

anyone know if he should go to the doctor? He's taking a nap right now but I'm kinda scared for him :( <3

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okay so I'll keep it simple : I've actually, for the first time in years, been really depressed these last couple weeks and I HATE that word because it implies that I'm sad, or suffering, or something, when in reality I'M JUST SO FREAKING BLAND

like I don't feel ANYTHING, really, just not happy and not sad

and I don't want to do anything at all but lie around and BLARG

my best analogy for it is that I feel like a car, one of those ugly beater cars, that ran out of gas on the highway so someone decided to get out and squirt some steaming diarrhea into the gas can and call it good.

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Me and Blueboy :D



Anyways yeah we had a ball thing and it was really nice to waltz with him :') <3 He looked so goooood :')

But I danced without shoes and XD he stepped on my feet a lot and broke my nail in half XD Woops!

Anyways that's really all. Just wanted to show us off :P <3

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Dude this site is fucking hilarious




But yeah, I'm having trouble figuring out if it's all a joke, all serious, or a little of both. Some articles seem pretty legit and the comments suggest so, but most if it is just soo ridiculous that it's hilarious..

I'm gonna stick with one of the comments and agree it's like the Onion for Christians, which is great if they actually *do* have a sense of humour... ;)

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Okay so I'm like
all sick-dumb

But I'm gonna try to write about this before I get too lazy to!

So basically, infinity is a beautiful and complex number. By definition, you'd think infinity goes on forever right?

And it does.

But there's the thing that one infinity can be larger than another- for example, the numbers between 1.1 and 1.2 is smaller than the numbers between 1 and 5. So that infinity is larger than the other one.

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Breaks my heart


Honestly? I mean I know some of this is necesarry



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Internet has been down

Okay so my internet's been kinda fucked up. For like the last three days. I apologize.

Uh, I've got a minecraft server now, if anyone feelings like playing sometime. PM me for the IP.

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6 Scientific Discoveries that Laugh in the Face of Physics + boyfriend stuff


Read this shit, it's awesome. Especially #2... Fucked my mind up.

Boyfriend's worrying me- he randomly got offline and I asked if he was okay, and he said "Not really..."

This is the badass kid that I've never seen cry. He's rarely upset, and if he is, he shrugs it off and tries to get me to ignore it all I can. I'm real worried. He said that if I can stay up a little, he'll tell me what's wrong, and I'm very scared and worried for him.

So here I am writing to stay up.

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