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An Eternity of Tears

I made a wish apon a star
To figure out just who you are
I'm still waiting for the answer...

I hoped that you could be the one
And then before I knew it, we were done
It went by so fast...

My sweet, you were always my love
My angel from the stars above
I miss you so...

I wonder now, if I was better
Would I now still be a dreamer?
Or would I be with you...

I dream of you almost every night
But hell, your brother was totally right
And I'm sorry about him...

I just fell for him like I did for you
Too bad he doesn't feel it too
I wish he could...

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Live or die

live, die, live, die, live, die

what should I do?

life is hell, but death will only lead to hell too.

I feel like I should draw so I don't hurt myself more.

Ehhhhhhh this feeling will pass soon enough.

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Is everything I know a lie? Can I ever trust anybody anymore?

Devan? Pitied me. Went out with me and then broke up with me for another girl he actually did like.

Ryan? Pitied me as well, but actually meant it. Was... generally a pretty good boyfriend for a few weeks. Didn't ever hug me though... Then I left him for Jonah. Wasn't mad at all.

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Maybe I need a girlfriend

I suppose that might be better. Maybe...

Sigh. What's wrong with me...

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Drawing's hard.

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ok well it wasn't ALL night. I had to sleep a little!

But srsly. When you're lonely, you certainly realize how much of a best friend... yourself is O.O
I had like the most epic night last night. I stayed up till one playing The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time. Cuz you know when you're playing a video game, and you get stuck, and then you get all pissy and disconnect it and don't play it for the longest time?


I broke that cycle last night. (Getting in touch with my man-side? Awesome.)

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A week until my birthday!

I'm gonna be fourteen! >:D
which everyone knows is moar evil than thirteen.

whooo for adolescence...

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My fingers are throbbing. and a poem!

Valdez would be proud of me.

WHOO I am practicing vibrato and single-string octave scales XD I'm not quite sure for any official name for that o.o;; But yeah, so my fingers hurt from playing waaaaay up on my A string. Over and over. I have to get it right...! Must. Be. Awesome. Viola. Player!
Maybe I'm overdoing it a little, but it's important to me. I love viola, it makes me happy X3
And my love makes me happy too <3 But I've not been a good girlfriend...

I'm sorry...

I'm sorry my dear, for making you mad
I was simply feeling just a little bit sad

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Finally- It's that time of year again!

AND that time of month. Now I know what you're probably thinking; "ewwww" right?
Well get over it >.< It sucks for me, too.

Anyways, back to the good subjects...!

I'm extremely happy lately. I've got a headache from smashing my finger between plates and then getting pissed off and ramming into a wall... My fault XD My sister's coming over today to make christmas cookies with me. That'll be fun.

Last night mah buddeees Hannah and Katy spent the night. Hannah took alot of pictures and some weird video... One in which I'm looking quite weird with egg nog >>;;


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It's official

I'm in love <3

and my life is amazing :D

How's you people? What do you want for Christmas? Doing anything fun?

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I love life. I really really love life. Alot. So much.
But then you realize people hate you no matter what :(

I'm sorry Marcus...

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Wow <3

Did even really do anything great today, just feeling so FABULOUSSSS
I'm not kidding, I am so freaking happy. It's weirding me out.


How is you all?

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It's a poll. Pick one please.

Left or Right

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A bit happier

This weekend was quite fun. I stayed at my sister's house for two days; we bought her boyfriend a kitty. It was a bit of a runt, so it has tiny legs and stuff... but it's soft :) her name is Nevi, and he loooooves her to bits. She's scared of people, and loud noises so she hides under couches regularily. But still.


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*copied from this http://dracofangxxx.deviantart.com/journal/ *
I'm gonna accept art trades and requests for anybody that wants me to XD
for art trades, I'll do anything you want me to do... even if I suck D: backgrounds included if you specify one... I might not be able to do them very well, but I'll do them :3 you can either ask for digital or traditional art (I can do both, if you flip through my gallery a bit... I haven't done much traditional lately) So yes, please start asking~~~~


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