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What do I do?

My ex and one of my best friends (the girl whom I fell in love with and she made me realize I was bi) are now going out. It makes me feel bleghy. and to keep myself from thinking about it, I use random sharp objects to scrape my wrist. They took it away from me, and I started crying in sixth period...

is the world so damn cruel.

Orchestra concert tonight! I'm so excited :D what kind of big plans or problems are you guys having?

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Piano- Help!

Can anybody give me some links to good songs for a person *cough* kinda new to playing piano? I have a little bit of experience reading the music (because I've played viola for four years) but it's hard for me to transpose it... Either way, I'd like some good songs. Popular or not. So far I can play the first 14 measures of "Imagine" by John Lennon :D


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Alright, I can't watch this anymore. You seriously need to reexamine yourself.

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Sorry everyone

I've been really self-centered lately. Tell me about your thanksgivings! your days? HOW ARE YOU :D

cuz i love you <3

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I wish I could say to him:

"I'm tired of laying at your feet; following your orders. I've served you long enough, I've tried hard enough. I'm done. Through. You never once cared about me, you used me for your own selfish gains. You wanted yourself to be happy. Well now you are! I wish I could take everything away, everything I gave, everything you have so you know the pain I feel now.
I will not let you win! Let me say that I shall never let you win!

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To life!

Ohkay SRSLY fiddler on the roof=BEST MOVIE EVER :D

I am ok with Jonah leaving me... Surprisingly so. It hurts, a little, but... I guess I've found that I have an alchoholic's mindset to where if it hurts, I just get more. Like... the best cure for a hangover is to drink more, right? So I just find someone to attatch to. It keeps my mind off of him.
Keepin' me happy! Yeah!


I wish he'd talk to me. Why won't he talk to me anymore? Why does Brea have to follow him EVERYWHERE? She's the one who told me it was time to break up...

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Too late, too late

My baby's come and gone...

Lost him to himself...

I'm sorry about his loss... there was a death in his family, did you know that?

Yeah... He died... Part of him, anyways... The old, sweet him died. The funny, caring, loving part of him died... a long time ago. I never noticed.
Maybe I just like to pretend he died so that I don't keep looking for him...

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How do you win a guy back when you hurt him really badly?



It hurts to be in love. But I need him. Help?

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"Although I figured you would never
I'm still wishing you were here forever-
I will always want to be together...
You and me
Was not to be
Now I know it, now I see

Missing the way you kissed my face
My home in your arms was the only place
Fingers on my lips you'd trace-
Singing a song,
The lyrics wrong;
I know now I don't belong

Trusted you with all my heart
'Till you broke it all apart
Our love barely could start
Hurting inside
I just can't hide
Again my heart is burnt and fried

I am wishing for the light
The way I felt when you were "right"

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Hello People

Well. It's my first time making a journal or anything here, so FIIIIIIIIIIRST I have to say...

Erm... I dunno what else to say here? Maybe I'll just give some links to actual stuff I do online.

dracofangxxx.deviantart.com is where I post my art and writings. It's lots of fun for those here who don't know what it is- Go ahead and join, and don't forget to watch me ;3

Hummm I guess some personal stuff would be good?

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