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Split tomatoes; bruised apples

Okay guys I got some serious fuckin' shit to talk about.


So lately I've been getting into watching food documentaries, and the more I watch, the more disturbing shit I find out- Where do I start?

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So I was gonna write about this bullshittedness yesterday,

But I was rather tied up in being angry and organizing my pokemon cards and/or playing video games to write anything coherent.

Alright... Christmas! Half awesome, half nucking futs.

I'll start with the good... I'll tell you what presents I got.

well, first off, I got a lot of art supplies. A LOT. Which is great, and all.

I got a ton of pastels, including Prismacolour pastel sticks. Most of them are chalk-based, and I wanted oil-based, but that's fine. I'll get used to them.

Some painting canvases, and a whole lot of new acrylic paints, but small bottles of them.

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SOPA bill and my Christmas break


This is awesome.

I mean I knew SOPA was shit, but... wow. This really takes the cake! What a crazy plan those companies had...

I mean, what sort of BALLS do you haave to have to pull shit like that?


um my break is really boring.

The boyfriend went to California, driving. He left at like, 2 AM, and then was still driving around 6 PM. So he was... well, on the road for quite a while.

He doesn't text me much 'cause of the family, but when he does, it's super sweet :]

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Ohh oww! Snazzle! Just burned my thumb!

Currently trying to work with crappy foam to make stuffed animals XD

No fun! Trying to cut the chunks up and glue them together to make a pony :'(

So uh I guess most of you wanna know about yesterday...


Today my sis came over and we baked our yearly batch of Christmas cookies :3 <3 But um. She was kinda rude. She kept telling me I smelled really bad and MADE me shower. Wtf? Like who does that to their sister?

Anyways... jerkiness but I don't care. We made lots of cookies and treats, and they're real yummy :]

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Worst day in like four years

yeah. I really am not sure what else to say.

Frankly, I suppose they're right- I'm just a burden on everyone.

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And oh my jibbles she is such a cutie!!

She dresses like me and kinda looks like me (brown hair, petite) and omg she's been paying sooo much attention to me lately. But not in the friend way, in the shy, "I am really awkward but hey high five me but wait I'll just hold your hand and oh man Shelby you have a great sense of humour and I love your plaid shirt and your new haircut is so beautiful I wanna get that haircut"


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Guys guys guys guys

So bubbie's my little pony shirt came in the mail :D and the company also gave me some awesome swag! I got a hello kitty/sesame street bag that I'm gonna give to my bestie, and then a steampunk MLP poster and a rainbow dash MLP sticker :]

Seriously he's gonna wet himself when he opens it...

Uh I got a really queer haircut
I am really sick.


Swimmerguy is awesome... like the best person ever.

That is all.

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A journal about swearing!

I dunno I came across some awesome videos and wanna talk about it since I feel really crappy today.

Boyfriend came over yesterday and most of it was pretty great, but I'll talk about that last.

Okay! So first I have a youtube video in english for you.


So this guy talks about how the part of your brain that uses swears is based mainly in emotions, and I think that's awesome. Truly. Because they're words, and yet they're filed in a completely different part of your brain!

How do you like your steak?

Well done (Burnt to a crisp)
7% (1 vote)
21% (3 votes)
Medium well
7% (1 vote)
7% (1 vote)
Medium rare
29% (4 votes)
7% (1 vote)
Blue Rare (Bloody as hell)
21% (3 votes)
Total votes: 14
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I totally have a question for you broski's... about My Little Pony t-shirts for bubbie!

Okay so
the boyfriend is a total Brony right? And his favourite character is Pinkie Pie.

Now, I gotta give the kid what he wants for Christmas and all, and I found some fanmade shirts that I think are just adorable but I can't decide which one to get for him!


http://www.welovefine.com/img/p/659-2125-large.jpg I like this one cause he's always like... "No! I do what I want!" all cutelike and I dunno reminds me of him. This is my favourite :P

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Chest Pains?

Okay so I've been having these weird little chest pains my whole life, where it'll just kinda tighten and it'll hurt when I inhale and then it'll go away for like a month or two.

Well like last week, I had the worst one I've ever felt at the boyfriend's house, to the point where I was doubled back and crying. And then I had another one the next day, which almost never happens.

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So I realize I haven't written a journal of any real substance in quite a while BUT I THINK YOU'RE DUE! :D

Sooooo where to start? I have a few topics.
-The Boyfriend :]
.... yeah no I think that's pretty much it

I had a few essays I wanted to write but I'm not sure I'm up to it :P

So point one! Skyrim! I got that game. And it is pretty great :D But I don't quite yet think it's like THE BEST THING EVER OMFG. I really don't. They took out some stuff from the game that I really enjoyed. I don't like change :P

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Because everyone loves WBC videos!


Yeah this is pretty hilarious, eat your hearts out.

so uh
hey guys
I really don't know what to say since my life has been so boring.
Mostly like
playing minecraft I guess??? Yeah. Just minecraft forever and ever.


I could sit here and write an essay about how lucky humans are in this day and age and how relatively easy our lives are but I'm so g-damn lazy so nope not now

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Hey guys! updates?


me and my bubbie on halloween :] <3 I was a zombie pokemon trainer, guys. Best thing ever.

We made pumpkin pies and carved pumpkins and watched Austin Powers and cuddled :]

among other things ;)

He's such a good boy and he's so good to me :3 <3

Anyways guys hiii! Show band season's over so I'm baaaack~ been up to no good yes? :]

Dude I'm addicted to this song.
Me and my transfriend were listening to this and singing it on the whole bus ride home from champs omg


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And I
have to speculate,
that god himself did make us
shapes like puzzle pieces from the clay.

and everything is good

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