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Gawd, Strep throat?

I think I has it. I woke up a little cough-y and I felt pretty sick, but I was like, "Nyeh, we'll go to school today".

And then around third period it just hit me like a freaking semi-truck.

I mean, I feel like I swallowed a Sandslash, who then proceeded to use rollout on my throat for like 70,000 turns.

and then earthquaked it for good measure.


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So I guess I'm kinda gonna get whiny here.
because lately, I am just really down. I haven't been getting enough sleep AT ALL and I'm really tired of being alone.

I'm just shit to my best friend. I mean, she has new friends now, and they all ignore that I even exist. They run up and interrupt me when I'm talking and take her away. They glare at me when I'm joining their conversation.

I just... Don't get it. I'm nothing but pleasant to them. I can acknowledge that I'm sometimes mean on here, but...

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Weed, Pot, Marijuana, Grass, Herb... Thoughts?

My health teacher, whom I thought hated me, stuck me as the leader of my drug-presentation group.



I mostly agree with Swimmerguy on the pot issue. It's stupid to be illegal... They waste jail space and police officers to arrest people smoking pot. While it is pretty bad to drive on pot, that's about the only bad health risk worse than alchohol or cigarrettes.

Anyways, she never said we had to do a "bad" presentation of it... Would it be inappropriate of me to include some "non-horrible" facts about it??

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I hate the internet, and the internet hates me

See, because the people on the internet are fake.

Not fake in the sort of "I pretend to be happy so you don't know I'm upset" fake, but the complete opposite.

The "Everyone should give a crap about me and have the same opinion as me and give me exactly what I want to hear elsewise I will throw a tantrum" sort of thing. The "Oh I totally act normal in real life but I just HIDE MY UTTER DEPRESSION AND DEPTH" sort of thing.

See, I read this article today that pretty much envisions how I feel about most people.

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I really want to write but idk what to say

Um, I went in my room and told the ghostie that it was cool if he resided in my room as long as he didn't make it feel so heavy and bad in here, and if he stopped tapping while I was trying to sleep.

And guess what! Room's back to normal :) So I really think he's a nice ghost :3

euhhh cold breeze just hit me XD Maybe he's reading this and letting me know I'm right XD <3

Anyways, my friend KT came over this weekend and spent the night. It was fun :D We played lots of video games and made homemade popcorn and such.

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Okay, so, Fears: Mine, and why they affect me.

I got two hours of sleep last night (about), so pardon if this is disjointed and stupid sounding.

I think my room has a ghost.
Not really HAUNTED, I haven't seen apparitions or heard voices or had things thrown, but it feels weird in there. I've been hearing musical, rhythmic tapping noises on the metal part of my bed every night. Sometimes my bed shakes. I've smelt man's cologne when I play my viola.

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Twilightism... And some emotional shit.

Look, I really don't feel good. There's something bizarre going on in my room and in my body and I don't know if I'm just psyching myself out cause I read too much scary shit or what. But I'll get to that later. Personal stuff at the end, some social psychology stuff at the beginning.

Okay I know I addressed this earlier, but I think I have more to say.

can't even believe I used to love this series, what was I even thinking

So, Twilight. Let's examine the main character.

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Child/Adult: Where do we draw the line?

Ah, Oldfoxbob got me thinking about this.

I think that having an age to be an "Adult" is quite silly. Not just for myself. But it's funny, one day you're a kid and POOF, overnight you become an adult who can do almost anything...
except drink? So as an adult, I still can't decide for myself if I want to get drunk?

I mean, so many laws are fucked up that it's hilarious.

At any age, you can buy condoms and lube- but no sex? I can get birth control at my age and still not have sex. Because I have to be a certain age for my judgement of whether I want a penis in my vagina to be true?

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Have you ever had an out of body experience?

and what was it like?

I'm really into supernatural stuff even though it scares me alot...

So anybody here got some background knowledge of anything of the sort? Crazy shit that happened with a ouija board? Prolly spelled that wrong. Anyways. Yeah.

Cause I'm scared and probably won't sleep for very long... :P

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My god, how embarrassing

So my mom went shopping with us today...

So me and my friend had to sneak away to get the condoms, and I had to buy them at the pharmacy...
With a person...

and it was SO AWKWARD, MY GOD.

I was like "Umm, miss? I uh... I need to buy something"
and she was like, "OH OKAY, come right over here!"
and so I gave her the box
and she looked at me and smiled XD
I think she was just happy to see me being safe or something. Plus I see her every month when I go get my pills XD so maybe she recognized me :P

But yeah! I did it! I did it! I did it, yayy!

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Pubic hair, and why it's beautiful

Pubic hair is gorgeous. I don't care what people think of it, I <3 it.

It doesn't obey anyone
well unless you shave it off, and even then,
it comes back with a vengeance, with
red, painful little bumps.
And then it grows into a thick tangle,
some are curly,
some are wavy,
some are straight, bendy, blonde, red,
clean, dirty,
thick or thin.

But it's all beautiful.
Just like people!

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Venting my worries, bleh bleh bleh

I am aaaaalways worrying about something. Like, that is my job. The Worrier.


but like lately
boyfriend has been so amazing and sweet
but i feel like crap about it

because his ex keeps texting him and he's just talking to her
she took him from me once
(which he denies)
and i hate that she has to talk to him
and i hate that he's nice to her

when him and i broke up, he hated me for a year or so
it was

and he blames it all on me
when he was the one being a jackass to me.

i love the kid now, but
he was a raging douchebag to me.

Have you lost someone close to you from suicide?

29% (5 votes)
29% (5 votes)
Attempted but not successfull
41% (7 votes)
Total votes: 17
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Guysguysguys help

So Boyfriend's birthday is in a few weeks and I needa make or buy him something amazing.

I know I'm gonna draw him a picture and I want some ideas for that, too :P

I AM GIFT-INEPT. I know he likes candy and video games and tigers and polar bears and Pokemon. And video games.


What are romantic picture ideas?

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Omg guys my day was so epic, *boyfriendy stuff within <3 *

Sooo I'm VERY glad that everything ended up okay between me and Boyfriend! <3
I mean Spring Break was like, hella bad, but now it's really amazing again :)

There were a few sad spots... But I guess they came out alright :)
We did some fun stuff, some awkward stuff, but everything was really good. I'm always so scared that when he comes over I'm gonna be boring :( But today he didn't even fall asleep and take a nap! XD

Sometimes we do fight... but he's a pretty amazing little dude. He really makes me feel good about myself (mostly) and I love him tons.

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