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Peeing in your bathtub is environmentally friendly

no that's not a random title generator :P

But like if you're so concerned about the environment
pee in your tub.
no wasted water, no wasted toilet paper.

Anyways, this journal's gonna be really disconnected cause I don't have any ONE thing on my mind but a ton of buzzing thoughts.

also she said sexual advances can be a sign of being suicidal


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I'm just teasing :)

This is why I can't handle whining, I basically read it and hear it in this voice.

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Good news!

Boyfriend and I are doing really great today :D
He was very lovey and even texted me to tell me that he missed me when I was gone for a little X3

Which means I am very happy!

Not much else to say, sorry... But uh, Spring Break is almost over!

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So then me and T-rex took our clothes off.

XD So I went shopping today with T-rex and KTT.
Yes, we undressed in the same stall today ;D We were trying on dresses. And omg she kept looking at me and I was like WHAT and she was like NO I'M NOT LOOKING AT YOU and it was reallllly funny for me.

Also she painted my fingernails rainbow :D

I had the best girls-day ever XD

So I bought a skirt :) Two shirts :) And new shoes :D
Also KTT bought me these SICK rainbow zebra stripe sunglasses :D
and omg we went into Victoria's Secret and they had rainbow undies
and I wanted them

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So today I went to Seattle

And I saw this music experience thing.
It was like a museum about modern music but it was mostly about Jimi Hendrix cause he's from Seattle.

It was pretty cool though, I learned some Blues music theory, which was kickass. And they had this cyclone of instruments, mostly guitars, and at the top was this BEAUTIFUL white double bass. And I WANTED IT!

Anyways, I've thought about the Boyfriend thing.

I tried not talking to him but I kinda broke at 5:30 because I missed him.

I see this as a good sign... :)

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My <3 = hurt

I really don't know what's going to happen between me and Boyfriend right now, so I need to vent my feelings.
This will be reallllly emotional and stupid and I already hate it. But I make alot of connections when I write, so...

I feel like we're both falling out of love with each other.
Me, especially...
and it hurts really bad because I just DON'T want it to happen. I love him! I just... Don't know anymore.

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I'm gonna sine your pitty on the runny kine!

Another movie that is so stupid, it is hilarious. Pooty Tang!

I got to say the nay-no, my brotha! Whadda-tah.

This movie is rediculously hilarious. It's about this one guy, Pooty Tang, and nobody knows what the fuck he's talking about XD Literally XD

It's the blackest, funniest movie ever. Just because it's sooo stupid and weird XD

Anyways, sorry. Randomly thought about that. You guys should check it out, it made me laugh so hard. I don't even know why.

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My Problems

This is an honest write. I'm not going to make anything up or blow it out of proportion. I'm just going to give facts. Thought maybe I should tell you what has affected me in my life.

Most of my problems happened early in childhood and followed me to this day because they affected me in a way I wish it hadn't.

From the day I was born, my sister became my mother: She was eleven years older than me and even gave me my middle name. My parents, tired of raising children, allowed her to take care of almost everything about me.

Since nobody's posting anything... My long essays? (Like the previous journal)

Love! <3
18% (2 votes)
Like! :)
45% (5 votes)
Neutral (Also: Too long for me AKA I'm a lazy bastard ;) )
36% (4 votes)
Dislike! :(
0% (0 votes)
Hate! >:C
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 11
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Drama Queens/ Morals

If there is anything I have noticed about todays teens and pre-teens (And trust me, before I start this article and offend probably countless of people here, I was, and still am, one of these people), it's that they live for drama and are so emotionally uptight nowadays.

*disclaimer, I'm generalizing things. If you don't agree or aren't, I KNOW. I already know what you're gonna gripe over. So shut your filthy whore mouth and let me jot down my mental notes :P


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What should I do?

Now I really hate coming to you guys for relationship advice. It makes me feel all loserish.

But I do have to ask. What do I do right now?

Boyfriend didn't reply again to a long text where I sort of confronted his problems and asked him what's his problem with being angry. Because, you know, he's not a robot who doesn't feel anger and can just take care of himself. And I said that I'm doing what any sensible person would do when they know the person they love is upset- But he's giving me no options.

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Angsty baww-riffic journal from me. Just a warning.

It's like everyone is mad at me today-
but I don't know what I did.

Wouldn't you be concerned if your friend was doing homework so often they never got out of the house or did anything fun?

Wouldn't you hate it if someone promised to be a better friend and then just treated you even worse?

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You guys are so gay.

This site is so gay, omg. I've never been around such gayness in my life. Why are we all just so gay?

Hurrr :P

Anyways, in Health today, we played "Pass the Compliment" And what I got today made me really happy so I'm gonna share with you guys :)

You seem really fun! :)
You seem very kind and sweet :)
You are super cool! And unique :) I miss you and your mom, and softball with you!
You are really nice and cool. I was in your group once, but I hope we can talk more!
You are verrrry funny and smart, and you don't care what people think.

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Big bad wolf

Let me in,
little pig.
Open up and let me in.
It's cold out here,
little pig.
So open up and let me in.
Let me in, let me in.

I'm begging you,
little pig.
Open up and let me in.
The snow is around my ankles;
little pig.
Please open up and let me in.
Let me in, little pig.

I see your house is straw,
little pig.
No use pretending it's brick.
You asked me to come over,
little pig.
Please open up for me,
little pig, little pig.

I thought you loved me,
little pig.
Open up and let my love in.
I promise I won't hurt you,
little pig.
I want to help you.

Who would you rather marry?

Kind, shy, nerdy.
35% (6 votes)
Loud, funny, physical.
35% (6 votes)
Sweet, cute, perfectionist.
6% (1 vote)
Intelligent, loving, very emotional.
24% (4 votes)
Total votes: 17
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