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I like people who:

1) Can take a hit. If I punch your shoulder, feel free to punch mine back. I'm trying to show affection, not hurt you.

2) Will do stupid things in public. Not for attention or to prove self confidence, but just for fun.

3) Put on stupid and obviously fake accents.

4) Eat food off the ground.

5) Can be mean, even if they aren't.

6) Can enjoy themselves in shitty situations.

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Chopped Pecans

1. This place is empty during the school year. It's like some weird arcade, except instead of leering at you the man behind the counter tells you about internalized homophobia and veganism.

2. Random people have been giving me a lot of attention recently. I almost let it get to my head, then I realized it's probably just because I wear socks with sandals.

3. I've been seeing this guy, and for a while all I wanted to was talk about him to people. Seriously, I was this close to making flyers.

4. I can't remember if it's "flyers" or "fliers." So much for a university education.

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1) A fair number of people have died because of Sandy, but the internet is still being really flippant about it. There's been jokes, memes, and clips of idiots running around in horse masks, and it all seems really odd to me. The east coast has a weird way of coping with these things.

3) Once upon a time, I became the type of person to have casual sex with a stranger. The weirdest part is how normal it is.

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'Twas a happy and succinct post of no great importance.

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Real Talk

I want to get on a boat and leave every single one of my friends behind.

They're not doing anything wrong; they're just not happy. I can't fix their problems, and I hate sitting around feeling like shit for not being able to.

I think everyone assumes I'm really close with other someone else in the group. I'm not. Every day I more disenchanted with these people.

The problem is, a lot of them think we're good friends. They'd never forgive me if I left, but I wouldn't feel that bad. Guilty? Definitely. But not really sad.

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Uninteresting Rambling.

Today I wanted to go to the park, but we couldn't. I was SOOOO angry.

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It's not often that I need this site. I'm in a pretty damn good place. But if I don't get this off my chest, I'm going to implode. I need to ramble like a fourteen year old girl. This isn't going to come out coherently.

I almost went insane after dark. Trying not to make a sound, wired awake because our shoulders or ankles would occasionally graze eachother. I don't really know what I wanted to happen. I just wanted to get closer. It's impossible to sleep that close to him. I know that's what kept me up; I just have no idea why he was still awake.

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Stop thinking and go to bed.

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Another list, but not one that makes sense.

1) The weirdest thing in the world is coming out to someone at the same time as they come out to you. I'm used to being on one side of the outing, but I've never been on the other.

2) Recently, I've had the strange urge to be somewhat promiscuous. I've never had this urge before: I'm kind of in love with the idea of monogamy.

5) I used to avoid relationships because the guys I liked where huge douche-bags. This is starting to change.

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1- I hate it when people drastically change a social situation, and then turn around and get upset when they learn that things are different. It's like they want to change their behavior completely without anyone acting differently.

2- I hate it when my friends are insensitive to a mutual friend of ours. I usually don't notice when people aren't there for me; I don't expect them to be. But when people purposely ignore their friend's feelings, I get pissed off.

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1) A friend of mine has a cup from the Oasis restaurant in Austin. The restaurant's logo was extremely similar, and it scared the crap out of me. I was sure the website had released cups or something, and that my friend was familiar with the site, and thus had read my journal. I can kind of be an idiot.

2) I'm not sure which is worse; being obsessed with looks, or being obsessed about your perceived intelligence. And there's always those who are obsessed with their perceived masculinity/femininity.

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Because I had a stressful day, I will rant about it on the internet journal.

1) So this amazingly attractive guy sat next to me in one of my classes. Apparently I could not handle this; I could hardly look at him directly, and only kind of smirked when we did interact. Also, my stomach started growling because all I'd had to eat that day was coffee. It's like my entire body was trying to sabotage my attempts at a good first impression.

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Okay, Hair, listen. I know that it's humid. I don't need your constant reminder. For fucks' sake, calm down already.

Beard: If you are going to grow in, you've got to grow in everywhere. None of this "Dave will have a goatee" bullshit. I don't want a goatee.

To be honest, Complexion, I didn't really expect more out of you. You've always been a little zitty, but at least you've calmed down a little.

Skin: During the summer you are golden brown, and it's great. During the winter, you are a jaundiced yellow color. It is less great.

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I Don't Even

So, I've been kinda flirting with this guy. Accidentally, at least at first. It's really weird. NEW TERRITORY CAPTAIN. TAKE CAUTION.

This really didn't warrant an entire entry, but I have 30+ pages of reading that I am not interested in doing.

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Sometimes I forget that, being gay, I'm part of a minority. I forget some things are wrong. I forget that I should be comfortable with being open; there shouldn't be a "coming out" process. I shouldn't have to fear, people shouldn't hate me, and there shouldn't be murders over stupid little things like sexuality. It's weird, but to me this stuff just seems normal. I'm sorry, but there's so much activism today that I felt like I had to.

1) Acting disinterested will only get you so far. You are going to have to make a move sometime.

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