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Went to the hospital today for a test. They had to put me under to stick a tube down my throat to see what's wrong with my stomach. So, of the last 24 hours, I've spent about five conscious. It's been weird.

I guess it shouldn't be surprising, but I'm fairly certain they won't run my letter to the editor. It was pro-gay, after all.

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Shouting at the Deaf

I penned my first "letter to the editor" today. Usually, I don't bother; this section is full of people who still don't think evolution should be taught in schools. Special people.

But there was a letter in my local paper today about Don't Ask Don't Tell. According to the author, it's hard enough for our soldiers to "endure without having two guys next to you making love, or worse, coming on to you." Because that is exactly what will happen when DADT is repealed, obviously.

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Rambling Like an Old Man

I used to compete in whitewater kayaks. I guess I was decent, maybe even pretty good, considering I had no actual river to practice on. I really, really hated it, though.

What's strange is that I liked most aspects of it. I liked my team, and I liked traveling to different rivers. I like the athleticism; I liked challenging myself and improving. I liked that my dad liked that I did it. Whenever I won a medal, I could tell that he was actually proud. The one thing I loathed was the water.

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Jeanne Darc

So for my medieval history class, we're supposed to do a mock trial deciding the fate of Joan of Arc. Since it is a history class, we are expected to use the arguments of the time. There's just one problem with this; those arguments are complete crap.

Basically it goes like this:

Defense: Joan of Arc is a messenger from god. She hears the voices of people who have been dead for years, which of course means that she isn't crazy.

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The One Where I Bitch About Nothing Important

Middle school sucked. Hard.

I transfered into a school across the district, so none of my friends from elementary school where with me. And suddenly, all social rules changed. Jokes where no longer funny unless the punch-line was gay. And sex was suddenly the "cool" thing. And dating. I never did either, so it wasn't long before I was completely isolated.

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if the president does it...

Just watched Frost Nixon. Flipping amazing. People somehow made an interesting and entertaining movie out of old political interviews. I guess it helps that it was one of the biggest scandals in recent U.S. History. Regardless, this movie is incredible.

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Just Wondering...

...if anyone on here has a valid reason why consenting adult siblings are not legally allowed to have a relationship.

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Little Triumphs...

So today, in AP Psychology, we had a pop quiz on the reading I didn't do. But it was Ok. It was over the section on sexual orientation. It felt like cheating.

Of course, that same period, I had to explain to the not-unattractive (to put it mildly) teachers aide what a refractory period was in terms of male sexuality. The refractory period is how long it takes after a guy has ejaculated for him to be able to er- "perform" again. My teacher wasn't the only one blushing by the end of the period.

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Like Rabbits

So I only joined Oasis twenty three days ago, on new years. Since then, It seems like somebody new joins every other day.

Obviously, I don't consider it a bad thing. But I was wondering; is this normal?

When I first joined, it seemed like the same, relatively small group of Oasians have used this site for a few months, if not years together. So it is confusing to me that this many people sign up and never use it...

Just curious.

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Apparently, as of 2:00 yesterday, our school district was made aware that they have reason to believe that "an unnamed female student" has/had plans to bring a gun to school tomorrow. Awesome.

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The Deed is Done

So I am officially out to my parents. I'm not really sure what this means, though.
I ended up just sitting down and telling them flat out.

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It's Late

Do you ever feel like you might be going insane?

I do.

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Coming out in 5, 4, 3, 2,...

If all goes well, my parents will know that I am gay at the end of this three day weekend. For some reason, I'm no really that afraid to, either. It's just gotten to the point where I don't see how I can still keep my good relationship with them if I don't. I just feel dishonest, even if I've never lied to them about it.

But I'm kind of worried about how I plan to do it; you see, my plan is quite...intricate.

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"Seattle Straight Guys"

I. Hate. Them.

I guess this is confusing if you are not the avid reader of everything Brent Hartinger, so let me explain. A Seattle Straight Guy is the type of guy who is kind, smart, well groomed, liberal, very attractive, and, as the name implies, heterosexual. They are the type of straight guys who are totally cool with those who aren't, and they are the bane of my existence.

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I Gotta' Feeling...

I don't exactly love that song, but it pretty much sums up my feelings right now. Besides, that song is, in my opinion, the best thing Auto-Tune has ever produced.

I'm going kayaking tonight. It's only in the pool at the local middle school, but still. I haven't been kayaking in six months, which is way too long. A friend of mine from school wanted to learn how, so I thought I'd teach her.

I hate winter, and I hate this winter particularly. But tonight, I am going to have fun.

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