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Me Whining

It is 12:35 am. What am I still doing awake? As the title implies, this will probably get obnoxiously mopey. It also might get pretty weird.

As you may or may not have guessed, I have never dated nor kissed nor had any contact with another guy. I live in a small, conservative area, so I guess that is not surprising. My only worry is that if I am ever in a relationship, I'm going to be clueless. So, after some thought, I have come up with a solution; I am going to have faux dates with my friends.

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The Morning

So crud. I woke up way to friggin early, and now I have nothing to do except sit around and think about my new classes. No bueno. You see, I have several new classes that are not AP, so there is a good chance that they are filled with what I would call idiots, where I not so charmingly politically correct.

Normally, I would hesitate to use such terms. But the last time I had classes like these, it was pretty bad; one student asked where Mt. Everest was, and another answered Kansas. They where not kidding.

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My name isn't Dave

Which is why I realize my username is a tad misleading. Oh well.

I want to run away. From everything really, but especially civilization. I guess that's antisocial, but it is true. I've decided that I can't do this alone. I want to find someone who I can spend forever with, whether it is a friend or a lover. Anyone that I can stand, actually.

First I'm going to change my profile picture. I'm going to change it to one where I look a little less like an internet predator. I'll probably pick the one I took when I was sick.

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New Year New Website

Currently, I am in a very strange mood. I guess this is good, because at least now my mood matches my personality pretty well. I just attempted to say "I am strange" in a clever way, and I think I failed horribly. I'll just let my creepy profile pic do the talking next time.

Strange as it is, I kind of like this picture of me. It is misleading; I don't have braces anymore, and I don't wear glasses (or button down shirts). I think posting misleading images is like a right of passage on the internet.

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