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Six Flags.

You know what sucks?

Waiting in line for a ride for an hour in the rain because the ride is temporarily stopped, having your hair all frizz, then all messed up from the ride itself. Basically looking like TOTAL CRAP you run into a fucking hot guy who ends up hanging out with the people you're with for the rest of the day. Literally though, this guy... I don't know how he does it. Even on freaking intense rides, despite the rain, he still managed to look perfect right after. Some people just make you feel like shit that way.

Other than that, I had a good day, I'm glad.

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if the sky were to suddenly open up, there would be no law, there would be no rule.

Donnie Darko is quite possibly my new favorite movie.

It's about a schizophrenic teenager who's getting visions of this man in a bunny suit called Frank... Who predicts the end of the world.

I'm enjoying it a lot.

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« Je m'ennuie du temps où je n'étais qu'un enfant. Du temps où je ne conaissais rien à la vie, du temps où mes plus gros soucis étaient des rares travaux scolaires ou bien des amours enfantins. L'ignorance apporte véritablement le bonheur. »

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i love you, my little crocodile.

People are funny.

They're always talking about themselves, their feelings, how hard life is, how unfair life is. So you listen, offer kind words, and all of a sudden, they're under the impression that they know you so well.

When really, they don't know you at all. They're too busy talking about themselves, being self-absorbed, worrying about issues that won't matter in five years, a year, a month, a week.

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i've got bodies in the back of my car

Goals this summer :

Go to the Warped Tour

Get a tan

Make some money AKA work

Do more photography

Finish writing & maybe send it to be published if I'm pleased with it

Not getting too drunk/high too often

Not hooking up with half the planet while inebriated

Meet more people (because I don't know enough superficial, vain fake people already bahahahahah)

Find a stable guy who is not a drug addict or a sexual deviant and that I haven't already hooked up with, and actually have a normal relationship not based on physicality (not likely but would be nice)

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hopes and fears.

It's a warm, sunny day out, but we've preferred to stay in my basement room, where it's colder. Just lying there on my bed, with me staring at the ceiling, with you staring at me. A song playing from the speakers. What are you thinking about? A brief smile flashes across my face and I turn away shyly. What else could I possibly be thinking about? Your warm arm stretches over me and I pull you closer wanting to feel you pressed against me. Big spoon and little spoon. I feel so silly comparing this perfection to cutlery.

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what's your dream? when you're trying to fall asleep at night, what's missing?

Love. Pure and simple love, between two uncertain individuals, between a boy and a boy, and all the joy and pain that comes with it.

It's just a dream, though. The real world doesn't work like that. The real world has horrible people in it, people with enormous claws. People who kill you slowly and don't mean to.

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the spell i'm under is you.

Ecstasy hangovers are horrible. Until Monday midday I was unable to function, it would take me 2 minutes to write one sentence, I wanted to just stay in my room and sleep. By monday morning I actually wanted to die. I think it burns all the endorphins in your body or something. I was fine a bit after that though, but still, 60 hour hangover? No thanks.

Still though, I enjoyed the effects, even though it was artificial. I'll do it again, sometime, but not anytime in the next 3 months.

Today is the most useless day of school. Literally, here is what I have :

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better safe than sorry.

Elph's comment made me realize that some people may want to try drugs because of my previous journal.

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when was the last time you tried something for the first time?

I understand why people get addicted to ecstasy.

For the first time, I took some today.

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I am going to write a book,

» I have written the dedication/introduction to it. While what I've written so far is in French, as it is addressed to one specific person, I wanted to share it with all of you. I intend to write the rest in English. I'm planning on saying everything that has happened, with some fiction mixed in. I'm telling everyone here so that I don't lose focus of this project. On that note, here it is.

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i don't know where «there» is, but I believe it's somewhere, and I hope it's beautiful.

» idyllique.tumblr.com, if you guys are interested, please take a look at some of my photography, I would appreciate feedback. ♥

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j'aimerais n'être que ta poupée

« J'ai terminé. Il n'y a plus rien à dire de cette histoire. Je t'ai aimé, voilà tout. Rien de plus simple, rien de plus compliqué. Je n'étais pas la personne pour toi, et tu ne l'étais pas plus pour moi. »


( I really wish I could use the <*hr> tag on Oasis... D: )

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C'était la majesté et la monstruosité à la fois.

If you understand french, you should read this. It was written by a friend of mine and it's very, very beautiful.
» I haven't been on very much lately, I'm sorry. I may or may not have been missed, in a way I guess I got a bit tired of constantly pouring out everything I'm feeling. I suppose I wanted to keep to myself for a little bit.

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