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mythologie, part 2. contains tasteful male nudes.

although this is tasteful imagery there is a penis, an ass and some cum
you were warned

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Tu rends heureux
ce coeur que je croyais auparavant fait de charbon.

J'ai foi en toi.

Ta sirène sur le rocher,
ta nymphe dans le bois.

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My mouth has become an open sore in which words blister and die
I will write instead

ps art films like http://vimeo.com/14285798 this are REALLY annoying and pretentious
actually art films in general are really annoying and pretentious :p

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cum everywhere

…_…..____________________, ,
……/ `—-___________——_____] = = = = = D
…..), —-.(_(__) /
….// (..) ), ——”


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A lip bitten too far becomes bruised
As soft as a black spot on the surface of peaches
It is a tenderness I cherish

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attempting to define reality : a thought experiment

The world which surrounds me, real or not, operates by precise physical rules. Something cannot come from nothing, everything is a series of transformations. F=MA. E=MC^2. Gravitation. Physics.

Q: Where do these rules come from?

A1: The universe must be dominated by rules because it is a real physical space. If not there would be chaos and chaos is only something that happens in the inferno of the human mind.

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so my mom just won the "you're currently the biggest cunt in my life" award


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My thought process has become nothing more than chaos and glitches, I am a broken computer, my mind is the static of your television and your records skipping. Chaos and nightmares are no longer beautiful. They are frightening. There must be order. I am fucking up and I must not fuck up. It isn't winter anymore, it isn't thousands of snowflakes falling, it isn't "Doe Deer" anymore.

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i went to school
i met my boyfriend's mom
i got picked up by the cops ROFL

edit : if you want to know why i got picked up by cops, pm me

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mew mew mew

aw my sister is such a sweetie
she went to the usa and got me flavored cigarettes which are illegal here

my bathroom smells like tobacco and cherries now!

it was my mom's birthday yesterday, i got drunk at the restaurant with my sister

my weeks are so jam-packed these days TT_TT
UGH i have no time to go shopping anymore :(

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film making 1 final assignment

for my film class, our final project is a film inspired by memories

(shots are taken in pitch black rooms, lit only by a flashlight held above the camera)
(black screen)
1: have you ever eaten a peach?
(shot of a man biting into young-looking flesh)
2: no.
(black screen)
2: never. no, I really don't think so.
(a hand holding a peach)
(black screen)
1: do you have brothers or sisters?
(close up of a man's navel)
2: a twin.
1: is he like you?
(black screen)
2: what do you mean?

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so like

can we please talk about how dumb this girl looks : http://hardcore.tumblr.com/post/3720549612
watch the whole thing before you think i'm mean
i cried of laughter

anyone have cute gift ideas for my mommy? it's her birthday saturday...

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lost and found

the model (elle fanning) in this is 12 years old
she looks so ageless and beautiful and lost
i'm in love with this, honestly.

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4bra cadav3r

my boyfriend is the cutest
he cleaned my room while i was at work (because i'm a litterbug) and painted me a t-shirt that says i love you on it

anyways i want to be a mermaid can someone tell me how :p

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if one can be born human and become a monster, is the opposite also possible?

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