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Color Me

Color me

Color fills the world but why do so many of us only see the gray?
We spend our lives searching for that perfect shade,
While every good thing we’ve ever passed is lost
Like those free paint chips you collect at the paint store.
We store these flimsy samples like memories, until we find a better one.
Oh sure you say if you don’t find another that appeals to you, you’ll use it
But we both know we’re not looking for one single color in this life.
No. I want them all.

I want to watch time change leaves green, yellow, red.

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Here goes nothin'

I absolutely love writing, and I thought I'd try my hand at slam poetry. I know it may have more feeling when read aloud, but I thought I'd post it anyways to see what you all think.

Falling in friendship

My heart speaks volumes and every time I take a breath I’m overcome with cold air being sucked into the vessels of my soul filling every chamber with the words I can never say to you.

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Blue Eyes

I've decided overall my first year of college was really great. Not perfect, but pretty close. I don't regret any of it, which is hard to believe when I think of how many nights I cried myself to sleep this past semester. I made amazing new friends. I was single, but currently out to all my friends. They accepted me and I thought my life couldn't get any better. Then I met a girl...

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If only the rain was my biggest problem...

Welp, I woke up this morning expecting a bright sunshiny day full of smiles and friends... but what did I get... rain. rain. and soggy converse. *Note to self: invest in a pair of rubber boots. So I had to swim across campus basically. Classes were okay, if you count the fact that I actually stayed awake. I really need to practice better sleeping habits.

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Life is good... So far..

College is soooo much better than high school! I finally got away from all those judgmental freaks I used to have to call my classmates. Ok.. So they weren't all judgmental freaks.. Just most of them.. Anyways I really haven't been on here in a while and thought y'all might like to know that I'm no longer in the closet, At least not completely. (my mom and dad still don't know, but it's only a matter of time. I personally think they're in denial.

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Falling in love...

I'm not exactly an expert at the whole best friend thing although I used to think I was. I had the same best friend since 6th grade. Sure there were other friends, but there was something about her that was different... I don't know... like I could be myself around her. We had a falling out in 8th grade, but the next year (after her new best friend moved schools) we made up. I was so happy she was my friend again that I didn't think about the unspoken tension that seemed to vanish, as we went on like nothing had happened. Now that I think about it, that's how our relationship always was.

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Tears of Happiness

Happiness is always around the corner. Sadly, I always trip and become bruised and battered before I make it around the bend. The wall gets longer and longer as I try to maintain a steady pace, stumbling through the dark, fingers outstretched hoping to feel the end of my long tortured journey. Just when I feel as if I'm making progress, a memory abruptly startles me and I fall to my knees, screaming out at the cold, dark night. The unmistakable tears that cloud my vision leave cool streaks down my face as a gentle wind brushes by me.

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