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so i just found out i got the lead in Wicked! ahhhh i am so excited to be Elphaba.

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My Car Crash Yesterday:(

so yesterday i got in a car accident and got a concussion and a cut up face. it was terrifying. spent about 3-4 hours at the ER and all i got out of it was a orange popsicle and a hurt body. oh and a screwed up car. totally totaled. So i keep dreaming and waking up cause i feel like i have glass chunks stuck on my face. and everywhere. ah still scared.

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so happy=)

So Today I Came Out To One Of My Friends. And To My Surprise She Said That She Was To. How Funny And Ironic Is That? I Couldnt Be Happier. I Really Am Too Happy To Type But I Just Wanted To Tell Someone The Good News.

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My Birthday!!

well this weekend i am having my birthday party..and i was wondering what i wanted. im not exactly sure cause i just dont know. everything is confusing hehe. right now im probably rambling because im happy. im at a basketbal game and id rather be talking to all you guys! props to my buddies.. just thinking right now about life and its meanings. im so super scared cause next weekend i have a chance to make it into a state choir and im scared

What gets cold faster?

33% (5 votes)
47% (7 votes)
0% (0 votes)
20% (3 votes)
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Total votes: 15
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does this even happen?

right now im watching the "pregnancy pact" and i was just thinking how this would really happen and if it could happen. i mean yeah it could but why would you want to be in high school. you dont get the chance to have a high school life. all things happen for a reason and if thats how you want things to be i guess its someones choice. just wanted to see what it truly was that sparks it. any thoughts???

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