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Gay, Greek, Geek

It's exciting to see this website is still strong and providing an amazing resource for queer and questioning teens. This was an essential part of my coming out process and it's great that so many others are using it as well.

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Titty Bar

I went and spent $30 on a titty bar last night with some guys from my fraternity. I'm still gay, and all is right in the universe.

Now I just need to go spend $30+ on something gay to restore my karma.

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So I'm all moved into my dorms n stuff. It's pretty cool. Had my first two classes this morning, waiting for the next one at 1:50.

My roommate seems pretty cool. I got an invitation to move into a frat today but I think I might wait on that one. Not really sure what I want to do. I know if I don't join a frat it'll probably be a lot easier for me to just bum around and become a recluse. On the other hand, my floor here in the dorm seems pretty cool too, so I dunno.

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And the Band Played On...

Finished And the Band Played On last night, and it angers me to no end...

"Both Times and Newsweek hit the newsstands with huge stories about Rock Hudson and the AIDS epidemic. Every major news organization in the country was gearing up to do investigative series on the epidemic. As calls flooded the AIDS Activities Office at the Centers for Disease Control, all available staffers were diverted to handling press inquiries. Dr. Harold Jaffe, who had worked on the epidemic since the day Sandra Ford had first alerted the CDC to the mysterious pentamidine orders, wanted to scream into his phone: 'Where have you been for the last four years?'" pg 580.

Favorite pets?

50% (21 votes)
31% (13 votes)
2% (1 vote)
5% (2 votes)
2% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
7% (3 votes)
Other(please explain-y)!
2% (1 vote)
Total votes: 42

Where do you get your haute coutere?!

Gap/Old Navy
6% (2 votes)
American Eagle/Buckle/Abercrombie
3% (1 vote)
Hot Topic
16% (5 votes)
23% (7 votes)
Other(please, tell us every little thing)
52% (16 votes)
Total votes: 31
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Parents speak out against silent protest.

Alrighty, so wednesday we had the Day of Silence at our school. We had about 20-30 students participating with us this year. It was a hoot. We had t-shirts printed, and there were a bunch of teachers who didn't participate but were wearing the shirts as well. It was awesome.

But what's really tickling my funny bone right now is an article in a local newspaper on thursday. It made the top of the front page, and was titled "Parents speak against silent protest." It's a fairly objective article, but the parents they talked to are hilarious.

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Oh desire.

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I have this bad habit...

I have this bad habit of flirting with girls I don't know.

I need to find a place where blowing kisses at guys earns more than a wierd look.

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Spring Break!

I spent spring break on a cruise boat. It was great. We left from Port Canaveral and stopped at CocoCay, Jamaica, Grand Caymen, and Cozumel. Saw some cool touristy things at each spot.

But what I really want to write about is what happened on the boat. See, there was this teen club for 15-17 fear olds, which I didn't expect much of because I'm at the higher end of that, being 17. So I go the first night and there's a ice breaker activity that was fun... Then they start a dance party sort of deal. I of course start dancing, why not? But most of the other people were like "Pfft, dancing." The dance floor didn't get very crowded until she(the DJ) put on the Cha Cha song. Quite pathetic. Of course, the only person I met that night was Becca.

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Nothing going on... Imagine that!

So there's nothing going on in my boring life, hence lack of updates.. I think I might be developing a crush on my pen pal in france, as well as one of my good friends whohas a really cool girlfriend as well(I'm so jealous! >:o), among other people at my school. There's a cute guy at the bowling alley I went to today with friends. My friends are really awesome, and I probably should be content with them.

Why'd ya do it?

So, I said to him, I said, "You pop that gum one more time..."
14% (6 votes)
Single he told me? Single my behind!
10% (4 votes)
He ran into my knife!
21% (9 votes)
Not guilty!
17% (7 votes)
I completely blacked out, I can't remember a thing...
14% (6 votes)
He saw himself as alive, and I saw him dead!
24% (10 votes)
Total votes: 42
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Dear College Writing Instructors, and other madness.

So I wrote this to go with my writing portfolio for Advanced Expository Writing. *clears throat*

Finding Myself in Words
Dear College Writing Instructors,

One of my earliest memories is teaching myself Object Logo on our old Macintosh SE II. It's a pretty basic programming language, but programming has been one of the few hobbies from my childhood that I've hung onto. I still enjoy programming in my free time, and while writing code might seem a little dry, it is nonetheless a form of writing, I consider code to be a form of expression. Writing a program can be very rewarding, my code is clean and concise, I normally don't like much ambiguity. Here's how this should run, you can see it right there, clear and as readable as can be. I'm going into Computer Science in college, and hope to make a career out of it.

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Exciting news from the trenches.

My brother and I just shattered a CD. It made all sorts of pretty sparklies.

And the general consensus among my siblings was that driving out to Dearborn last night was a waste of time. Now that I'm in tune to it, there's a lot more politics/cattyness in my extended family than I thought. And my siblings have basically adopted an 'Oh well, we only see them twice a year anyway,' sort of attitude. Which I adopted a long time ago, anyway.

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How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?

Whee. GSA meeting today was excellent. It took me 40 minutes or so to drop everybody off in my car pool, but was great fun.

Practice didn't hurt nearly as much as yesterday. I have realized that hydration is key. I drank two water bottles today during practice, and my piss is clear, thankyouverymuch.

And in my deep contemplations whilst swimming when I probably should have been making some attempt at counting how far I went, I realized. Wouldn't it be funny if I just started saying 'God' like some people say 'fuck.' I mean, a little sex once in a while is fine, but inbetween every other word is just obscene. Godding shut the God up, Godder!

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