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Is anyone participating in ScriptFrenzy?

Many people online are familiar with NaNoWrimo, but I'm curious if anyone here is planning on participating in the offset of NaNo, ScriptFrenzy. It starts April 1st is the day you will begin your challenge of writing 100 pages of script in under a month.

I'm excited about it, but a little disappointed because I probably won't be able to produce 100 pages of script and finals for 5 classes in the same month... >_<;

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Free write ;o

"Are you happy?" I tend to ask myself this in the back of my mind a lot. Often when I'm running late to class, scampering across the campus, or when I can't seem to sleep at night. Sometimes when I zone out in class, while sitting with people I don't like or don't care to... At other times I ask when I'm laughing, hanging with friends, or talking about silly things like the Portal ARG or others.

I am happy. For the greater part and I feel quite fortunate to feel this way. Sometimes I don't but, usually, within a day I pick up and smile again.

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Only 4 days

until Spring Break is here! :D

Now... to survive til then. X_X

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I feel so unbearably frustrated at the moment. Everyone keeps pissing me off and spring break honestly can't get here fast enough. I need a break, I feel like I'm working my ass off in every class with no end. :/

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First Journal :D

So I've commented here and there but I realized I have yet to make a journal entry yet. X)

So hello everyone! :D

How are you all this fine evening?

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