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i need to play piano

more than i already do D: er, better than i do...already...i dunno... well, i can read alto cleft...but not bass cleft... aaaand im not that well with my hand-eye coordination when i play...haha BUT i can sooorta play...i learn music by ear and figure it out either on piano or violin (then translate to piano)... i just wanna play the piano D: but i need a job so i can earn money to pay for lessons...unless there be a cheaper easier way to learn...haha...and i keep doing ... a lot and it's sorta bugging me, but i can't help it D: ok, ima stop talking then, haha LATER <3

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huh, you know what...

...up until now, i've noticed that i'm pretty lonely... :/ my amazing friends are either out of state for college or are far away in this state. and my best friend, JJ, well, im not sure what's going on -.- last time i talked to her was yesterday, i think, or the day before, and it was kinda awkwardish...but waaaaaaay before that, you peoples should know what's been goin on between us.

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i am in PAIN D<

first, before i mention why i am, haha, i wanna share what happened yesterday at walmart...:P

when i left that store yesterday, i realized that everyone in there was really normal looking and doing normal things, no odd weird people or anything, except for me cause i was running around with cheezitz in my arms, displaying my cotton candy blue hair (ends up that different light makes it a different shade of blue...XD), and dressed up in my choir uniform (lime green polo shirt, black dress pants and black dress shoes) XD

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Well, doesn't this seem familiar...

...oh, cause it is :P haha, i have returned from the dark hole that i've been sucked into (which i wasn't aware of being sucked into...). since thee last time i was here (probably about 3-5 months ago...), i have gone through a lot of changes -.-

first off, my hair is now blue, haha, which i LOVE :D

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...well, hi :D thought I’d be here more, but sadly, not. Hopefully after graduation I will be back more :D I miss all of you ): I don’t have much time to write about eeeevery single thing on here, so, I’ll stick with the main things that happened:

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you know what?

i'm slightly annoyed at the moment, from a bunch of stuff. but that isnt important at the moment. what is is what i wondered, and still am, when i was trying to help a friend in my annoyed state. i dont know, it just popped into my head. and that made me feel a bit sad and curious (weird combination). i feel a but embarassed, too, for thinking about it, but it just keeps me thinking more and more about it.

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i lied D:

Well, midterm finals are over :D but it's time for finals :D yay :D

Shoot me please DX -sigh- at least I’m almost done. Then I graduate and begin life as a...I don't know yet...but when I figure it out, I’ll be sure to let you guys know. Eh, I thought I’d be free once midterms were over but I was wrong -_- after that we started getting ready for finals and more studying ensued. It’s a miracle I have time to write. A bunch of stuff happened.

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well, first of all, hi :D i will be back on more by this weekend and try not to miss out on what is going on with everybody :) i miss you all ): i miss you all so much i snuck on...:P

So, this peer pressure, meh, haha, i figured it'd be stupid of me to not give in but now i think i should've. Prom. that dance you must go to, even if you haven't gone to any other dance (homecoming, etc), Prom is THE one you HAVE to go to (as my dearest friends told me...).

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im alive...sort of...

hey, havent been on here since...i don't know...haha, eh, i'll return soon once the dreaded midterms, scholarships, job searching, and stupid drama is pretty low.
i have to get up early for a perfomance i have to go to, and possibly see how to train your dragon with my little brother before that, so, until later, nighty night peoples <3

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eh, he's only i guess that's the best defense he has.

well, saturday night, when i got back from a performance, me n my little brother were in my room, goofing off, being weird, and tickling ourselves. then my sister came in and scared the heck out of us and left and we just hid under the covers, "afraid" :P when she left, we randomly started talking about what scared us and such.

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neon cowboys

that seemed to be the main theme...haha, i had my Sounds of Silence performance today, it went really well :D gots me a glowstick bracelet :P the only thing that turned out bad was during the interpretation of chicken fried, i kinda screwed up and signed something completely different -_- oh well, haha.
before getting there, i was at B&N (as i said before) and saw her again :D but my friend, scrooge, he came by because he was bored and was curious as to who she was. he thought she was pretty, too, and appreciated my taste in girls ^_^ weird...but ok, haha.

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AH YEAH, CREEPERNESS HAS PAYED OFF :D ok, so now i know i must come here every friday afternoon :D

ok, other than that, my friend is scrooge is coming any minute now to meet up with me here at the library so i can show him who im talking about... :P until later....

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Day 2 of being "Creeper"

ok, wellll, after yesterday, i went to barnes and noble again to see if i would see the girl again. so, after school, i walked quickly to my aunts house, left my stuff there, grabbed my laptop and rushed to the library. i got there and saw other people working there, so i was a little dissapointed and decided to sit where i sat yesterday to see if shed show up. eh, she never did. so now i know that she doesnt work there on thursday i shall see tomorrow if she's there again :D

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i DISLIKE minimal art >_<

with a passion. it annoys me so much DX it is REAALLLY REALLY BORING. either it just shows some random lines or colors OR it is just a blank canvas (or colored) with a random little mark/smudge/stain on it >.< even just a brush stroke and BOOM it's art D: (minimal art...)

ok, just had to get that out :P

well, today was pretty stressing (except for one amazing thing that made me forgeeeet :P a little...).

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