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i feel like going to sleep (preferably a coma) for awhile. i really should be working on my draft instead of writing this. but it can go to hell for all i care. im not going to be an architect. not after being in this class. and i hate geometry. and im going to just go with the flow and love Lance back. even if there are more fishes out there... i love him to death.

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The Thin Line Between Boys and Girls

Girls; made of spice
and everything nice.
Boys; everything else.
Both so different, distinct in various ways.
Still you have to stop and realize,
Look at everything as it doesn't seem.

Look beyond prominent curves
And parts amidst the legs.
What do you see?
Eyes; portals to the soul
Lips; those that confess love
Heart; the ever beating musical chamber that keeps us alive
Soul; the essence that is so hard to contain.

Really, what is the differnce between boys and girls?
Fashion sense? Cooking Ability? Strength?
No way, none of that exists when a baby is in the womb.

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the here and now. (also yesterday and tomorrow)

Yesterday was a mix of emotions and those are mixing with todays. My little brother's knee was huting him badly so we took him to the hospital. i hate hospitals, especially that one because it was the one my grandma died in. we spent 3 hours there only to have the doctors say he was having growth pains. WTF!!!?

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Be like Pandora

Let me out of this Box.

Unlike hers, this Box is full of only benevolence.

This is no trickery,

I promise you. Just let me out.

I forewarn you, though,

Mere fingers will never set me free.


The knives of Law, alone, will bring Freedom.

SImply give me Equality


And other things

denied to me by your tenuous morals

and jejune odiums.

I long so painfully for the Day

The sweet Day of Freedom from this box

To taste sunshine

wash away the vitriolic taste of ennui.

Persist not to be Stupidity's Paragon:

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i have 2 keep my daily obligation and rite a post. but i dont feel like writing much. sry... busy writing Ramon!!! hahahahaha!!!!!

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...Patriotic Traitor... (hahaha)

I've been having these thoughts. Of going away
I want to go to my dad's homeland; the Dominican Republic. It's also where Ramon lives (TE AMO, RAMON). So i want to defect from America and go there.
At least thats what i was thinking. I dunno if i really will. Just like i threated to kill myself when in actuallity, i could never cut even a sandwhich. lol. Don't worry guys, i'm not suicidal. i just gave my ex the whole "i can't live without u" routine. thats far from over... its dead.

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so i hav this freshman girl who is bisexual; supposedly were dating. i was happy about it until i realized i did indeed have a bf. he lives in the dominican republic and i thought hed forgotten about me. (this is not the ex i frequently complain about in other posts). so yea im confused. ill have to break it to her soon and explain how ramon just emerged out of the woodwork and back into my life. i dont lik cheaters and i will never become one. EVER. thats final. other than this confusion, life is good.

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So... i sinned because i cut my hair this weekend. i wasnt supposed to ever cut my hair ever again. but i actually like it!! so im updating my pics on all of my online sites profiles. i thought this was going to be one of my emo weeks, but i can see its not!!!

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...Compicated? Surreal? Good? Bad?...

Today is.... im not sure. Compicated? Surreal? Good? Bad? Im not rly sure. I got some tripp pants as a present from my friend cuz she knows i love them so. That made me happy. It's friday... a double bonus. Oh, but I'm still single. And apparently, I'm bisexual and not just gay because I love a girl who I will never see again (she's schitzophrenic and now in an institution). Points deducted X2... Well, hey the weather is nice and the only pimple on my face has busted. today could get better, but I love life as it is... ;)

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getting over him...

Lance and i broke up several months ago. today would be our sixth month anniversary. We decided that we would get back 2gether again after high school and so i live on that hope. But nowadays, I'm starting to think I really don't want him. He's always trying 2 change me and he's controlling, even now that we're not dating. I hate how he knows me so well and uses my emotions against me. But you know what? I'm going to keep smiling and move on. I'm only 16, there's so much more out there for me.

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