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a dyke's guide to dykedom

The Dyke Typology

1. The Hacker Dyke. This brand of lesbian has red hair and nine inch sideburns that are pomaded into points. She typically wears black, edgy clothing and drinks trendy beer in between snorting lines in the bar bathroom. She is standoffish and oozes both sex and hip, but looks like a different person in the morning when her eyebrows have been washed off. She is above you. She is better than you. And she probably won’t ever leave her group of phreaking fags unless you’re elite and have information or an invitation that she doesn’t. She herself is a trend.

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queers in the kitchen_2

I've been writing of late, but also rooting through the old. And on what was the anniversay of this Oasian version, I thought I'd post something from a few incarnations ago. This is what I have left from the Big Crash. And I'm dedicating it to all of the originals who still hang around - whether everyone else knows it or not.


Queers in the Kitchen

Sometimes I can't sleep at night for lack of a warm body beside me, despite that it's been longer than the twenty-eight days my mother says it takes to break a habit.

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le reponse as contribution

.................I read Hol's 257 words.

So we met and for some reason she liked me and
then I got to fall in love and into adoration.
I fell in love with her when she threw us a
fractional bithday party for our inner children
so that we could turn 12 and one half. I fell in
love with her when she taught my bird to trust a
human hand. I fell in love with her again when I
walked in the door a month ago to find her sitting
at my kitchen table with one of my crying friends.
I fell in love with her while she was sleeping. I
fell in love with her while she dropped sushi from
her chopsticks.

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the lesbian lightbulb


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obviously unhip

I think I may be starting to show my age. Or maybe this writing policies in the adult and anal world thing has robbed me of being with it. Or maybe the not getting paid enough to be so frivolous as to buy a mainstream magazine has robbed be of being with it. Or maybe I'm just not with it.

What the hell is emo?



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x and o

hugs and kisses

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Paper Parthogenesis

File - to arrange in order for preservation and reference.

Let me explain this.

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so, i have a girlfriend...

An Oasis hook-up that can leave you smiling.

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Hog's Back/with two girls and an ape-ish looking man

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giving thanks

for knowing when a walk to the canal must turn into an
adventure in negotiating a muddy hill and a bike rack

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