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Updates/Coming Out!!!

Only ate 1,000 once this week. Eating less than 800. I haven't been eating until late like 6/7. Sometimes even 8. I don't think it's good to eat that late right before bed.

I also cut for the first time yesterday. 3 little cuts about a centimeter wide each. They hurt like hell.

Was supposed to film today but it didn't happen. Hope we can get it all in next week. I need a good grade on this. It counts as an exam grade. 14/13 days left of school. Which will be good for me. I need a break from everyone and all the drama.

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Love Sucks

The first girl I ever kissed and her boyfriend broke up today. I'm sad for them because they were cute together but I still really like the girl. She knows I like her too but she won't date me >_< I really really wished she felt the same about me but if she did and we started dating I would have to come out. Idk if I really want to do that yet tho. Ugh. I hate love.

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Ugh! I'm so nervous. I'm going to a meeting for people with depression and suicidal thoughts tonight. I've been having suicidal thoughts for the past 3-4 years and recently I've been wanting to die so I decided to go and get help. The group is just for teens with no conselours or therapists. My grandma wants to go to the group though I really don't want her too. [bites fingernails] She also wants me to give her all the group info but I'm scared and don't wanna tell her. My friend, Dae is also coming for support.

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End of Break

I go back to school in less than eight hours. Spring break has been fun. Hung out with Dae, Jake, Mel and Philip these past two weeks. Dae's dating an amazing guy named Caleb. I'm so happy for her. ^.^

I got sunburned today. It's not so bad and I actually managed to get a bit of a tan. My friends are all still darker than me though.

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Um yeah this is just a short little tid-bit about me so enjoy! :P

Name: Rae
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6.5"
Eye Color: Hazel
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Family: 2 grandmas, 1 grandpa, parents, sister, brother, 3 cats
Religion: Raised Christian. Questioning.
School Status: Freshman. Semi-popular.
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
B-day: Nov. 2nd

That's it for now. More will probably be added later.

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Telling People I'm Bi

I'm really questioning coming out to people. I'm ready to do it and I know I'll have their support when I do I'm just not sure how to or who to come out to. A few of my friends already know but a lot of them don't and my family doesn't know, although I'm sure my sister and grandma suspect. I'm just so nervous about this whole thing. It's awful.

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