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on a lighter note...

my last journal was a rant but any way any one going to see tron legacy (TR2N) when it comes out? if so have you seen the first one? are you aware of who will be in it? (Daft Punk any one?) cuz i have seen it (and im 16. it came out in '82) and i will see "The Legacy" and yes i do know who will be in it (my favorite being Daft Punk who is doing the sound track and might be D.J. programs in a club in the film. can any one say "HELL YEAH!!"?)

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this shit needs TO DIE NOW!!

i sit hear in my panties and oh wait i have a FUCKING COCK!! so of course it does'nt fit right. seriously if it was a person i would FUCKING KILL IT!!(assuming that all other "manly" characteristics were embodied by this person) it sucks cuz it bunches up in weird areas and support is lacking like half the time and so i have to A) adjust in public or (what actually happens) B) go to the nearest restroom and adjust there. it never seems to be small enough either.

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randomness to the power of INFINITY

anyone play "fallout" 1,2 or 3? i personally think 3 is easier than 2 just cuz it has markers for your objectives and i haven't played 1 but i can since i have it. the rock-it launcher is epic-ness at its best. one of my friends killed someone with a spork using it. oh and the only time i have to use this oasis is at school so all my posts are and will be bunched up until summer when it will be more spread out.

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i "dislike" my male form (i really mean HATE)

i really don't like my body it is seriously not right i mean im a girl in a guys body (and not a hot one at that) the best i can do to seem like it is grow my hair out do make-up REALLY, REALLY well (to hide facial hair) and dress as such but i want to be at the end of the transition *sigh* but i have to take the steps. and my voice FUCK I HATE IT TOO!! I JUST HATE EVERYTHING PHYSICALLY MASCULINE ABOUT ME!!

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hot actors are hot

being comfortable being bi totally rocks and i can express my hot actors/actresses and a few other famous people list for all you(yay)

1)jensen ackles (sexy!)
2)jared padalecki (also sexy!)
3)heath ledger (sad face cuz he died =[)
4)miranda kerr (girlish charm is so irresistible)
5)serinda swan (she's in tron legacy!)
6)allesandra ambrosio (she's hot what can i say?)
7)emma watson (again girlish charm)
8,9,ETC...) some other people who i can't place or name

feel free to post your own list!

Love, Peace, and Daft Punk!,Alisa

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have questions need answers

if any body as answers to these questions plz leave a comment.i will update as i have more questions. 1.)if one has Sex Reassignment Surgery would they be able to ejaculate? 2.)would transplant be possible(i don't think so since everything would be a genetic "deformity" to ones body norm even if a family member donated[eewwww])

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i feel good old like when you get to drive a car for the first time

i bought my own panties from Victoria's Secret and i feel mature i mean they are THE lingerie giant. i felt uncomfortable at first but my birth mom and my sis were there and now i can do it on my own like having them stand out side the store or at another store entirely. i beleive this emotion is pride

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my parents are DICKS

my dad is a DICK he made it pretty obvious that he does'nt support me and being trans. we got into another fight and he said for the third time that i'm just sexually addicted which i'm not (i got clarification from a professional) and said"it is at that point where you want to be it" which is FUCKING BULLSHIT if i had a choice i would be a guy but guess what?

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my parents told me i have to be "kyle" in school not "Alisa" which sucks that and the arguments we had last night made ne really not happy so i...*looks over shoulder**whispers*cut my self and i felt better... fml

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i've been wanting hormone therapy for a while (i'm 16 sue me) and i think it would be a great idea but am leaving it to the professionals. my parents would have a bitch fit if i told them this though. i also hope to have the SRS procedure which all they had to say when i told them i was transgendered was it is expensive and not covered by insurance and we left it at that. and also my little sister (15) was a sneaky little bitch and told people after we agreed that she was NOT TO TELL ANYONE.

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Daft Punk is AWESOME!!!

some music that really helps me calm down about everything is the FRENCH HOUSE MUSIC (techno if you prefer) duo Daft Punk i'm listening to them right now as i type this. an awesome fact is that house music in it's core was from chicago to a couple of groups gays included (this may be up for debate) which is totally AWESOME!! if you haven't heard of them just type in "daft punk one more time" into youtube and go from there. i think you'll like it.

is a sense of style neccesary to be gay?( just a interesting question so be nice and have fun!)

yes! all my gay friends are stylin' =D
22% (2 votes)
no my gay friends don't all have style =/
44% (4 votes)
not really they tend to be inclined tho =]
33% (3 votes)
Total votes: 9
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i know my prom is aways away but i don't think i'm gonna go to it. people say"oh but it will be one of your happiest memories" honestly i would probably be creating "the anti-prom" with the other people who for some reason could'nt go. then again i might go to the normal prom(if i have someone to call "honey" and as my spiritual self{girl not the man i appear to be}) *sigh* -_- Love, Alisa

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a great idea? maybe? feedback?

i had an idea a couple of months ago and almost forgot it but here it is: a website where people (GLBTQ) could ask their favorite celebrities or rolemodels any questions they have. it seems kinda stupid/corny/cheesy/ETC... but i think it would be a great help to young people maybe even old(er) people. let me know what you think kay? =P Love, Alisa

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stupid technology

my computer now is typing in italics and it should'nt be =/

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