do you think trans people are any different than GLBQ or straight people?

HELL yes
0% (0 votes)
36% (4 votes)
maybe? not really? sure?
9% (1 vote)
27% (3 votes)
27% (3 votes)
Total votes: 11
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i need a signifagant(?) other <sigh>

i'm still in the coming out process and yet i am currently more stressed by lack of a girl/boyfriend which is probably a good thing if coming out is not my biggest issue.

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my life is hard yet not THAT bad...

my name is Aliciana (Alisa for short) and i am 16. i accidently created another profile for this site so yeah. any way i identify as a bi-sexual girl yet i am a guy physically and to feel more like who i am i shave and cross-dress(within limits e.g. under wear only) even walk more like a girl but have to hide it and i want to tell everyone so i don't have to hide but can't for fear of safety and can really only tell family and good friends.

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