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Gay Pride :D

Went to Gay Pride on saturday and it was a really good day - the place itself was a bit small and boring but the people there were amazing! :D
reconnected with a girl I haven't spoken to in a long time, and she still seems to like me which is nice.. in a way.

met a few new girls - some took notice, some didn't.
it felt kinda weird because I know so few gay / bisexual girls around my area that I find it strange when people take obvious interest.

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Gay Pride

Sooo.. going to Gay Pride next month in Swansea! So excited. Got my ticket.

Anyone else got a Pride day planned? x

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I've known for years now that I'm bisexual - perhaps sometimes I've got a little confused, but I've always known I wasn't straight.

My parents have no idea, but I've spoken to my Mother about it in just a general conversation and she's said she doesn't 'believe' in bisexuals; that they're just curious and confused. I disagree, as I think I like both sexes equally but I just wondered what other people think really. Do you think it's possible to like both sexes equally? :/

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