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Is The Problem Money?

I remember one Christmas when my brother (14 then) got $200 worth of shoes from my Mom and I (17) didn't get anything. Okay, maybe I got a "Merry Christmas", but I didn't get anything other than that. It still bugs me up till now. My Mom told me that she got it for him because he wanted it and would not stop complaining if he did not get it. She told me that I would get a Christmas present at a later time and I, being my gullible and understanding self, believed her. I didn't get that later gift she promised. Was it that there wasn't any money to spend on me?

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I don't respect your decision.

Something has been bugging me since I first came out. I once told a relative of mine that I was gay. It was hard enough for me to tell them and then they go and say "I don't respect your decision." I wondered why. They said that they didn't respect it because I've never dated or had any relationship with a girl before.

How would I know for sure? I mean, do you have to go out with a girl or a guy to know if you're gay or do you just know? It's funny though how she said that to me and yet she doesn't say "I don't respect your decision." to our straight relatives.

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I was having a pretty fun day, until my Mom picked me up. Like Kidrow79, I, too, had an argument with my Mom about scholarships but not for the same reasons.

While we were on our way home, my Mom scolded me about showing part of my essay for a scholarship to a few friends of mine saying, "It's a competition." I showed it to them partly for peer-editing but to help them get inspired, as well.

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Guys Are Yummy

Hiya everyone! I'm new here and I didn't really know what to write for my first entry, so here's a poem I wrote for a poetry jam at my school. I hope you guys like it!!!

Guys Are Yummy:

When people look over here, I wonder what they see
because their complimenting isn’t quite all is cracked up to be.
You see, their eyes can’t see past the
(6π ± 2i√5)/cosΦ (six pi plus-minus two i radical five over cosine phi)
that makes me feel like suicide. No!
When I get recognized I want them to see me,
all two hundred and thrity pounds, five and two-thirds feet

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