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Ok This Time Im Serious

These are the first two chapter of this short story I intended on finishing, but I gave up on it. Things just got busy, summer rolled around and I was flying across the country to New York and Atlanta. That’s the thing about writing. Most people think all you really need is motivation and a good idea, but what’s most important is having the time to get it done.

The reason I have time to write at this present moment is because I have no one to eat lunch with. No, I’m not a loner. I just am very picky about the sorts of people I want to spend my time with. You only have so much time here on the earth…might as well spend it with people you actually want to eat lunch with. Also, I’m extremely irritated by noise and the girls here are obnoxiously loud. Loud to the point of pure insanity where I just want to ram my text book into their mouths. It’s too hot to be sitting outside anyway…

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Im done Here

I find this web site highly critical and judgemental. Its very dissapointing especially since its a homosexual powered site, with people who should not judge when they dont wanna be judged. But hey thats just me...i used to feel so happy here. But ive found a new home so come check it out im having a house warming party

Maybe you will want to start your own site there. Its so much better than the bull shit here at oasis. Well it wasnt all bad, the forums were pretty good and the polls are funny. Other than that...

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Mommy just dont know

Moms going to my sister's basketball game tonight. That gives me about 3 or 4 hours alone. The bliss of solitude. I feel a little guilty though for not offering to go with her and cheer my sister on. But my sister hates me so why even bother?

I called Valdimir last night and we talked for about 2 hours as if we've been best friends forever. Funny how that works. I like the relationship him and i have though...real simple yet comlicated in a good way. He wants to come over tonight and try out his new tongue ring. His new vibrating tongue ring. Gosh if my mother were reading this...

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In all the Moments

In moments of the deepest need for him
The comfort and tranquility
Lost in the shortest hem
Of all his sheets
He's be resting next to me
And I'd forget
The present moments of pure sadness
That he warned i would regret

Kisses that turned into what i longed
For and still am waiting for that time to come
When the priority is me
And nothing but tranquility
Instead of lonely tears
End conversations

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Falling for a "gay" guy

I went to this conference for african american youth two weeks ago. It was crazy...600 black teenagers all on one San Jose college campus can only equal a hella good time. At first it was pretty boring because no one really knew anyone, but once we all got comfortable with each other things started getting fun.

I would have never met Jonathan if *Bryan hadnt tried to rape me. If Bryan hadnt begged me to come eat breakfast with him in his room that saturday morning, I wouldnt be writing this journal entry. Funny how it happened. I was in a crazy good mood as i strolled down the empty hallway toward room 316. After 3 knocks Bryan finally opened the door and let me in. Bastard...there wasnt any breakfast in his room. I mean there was come cups of coffee and oranges, but thats no breakfast by my standards. I asked him how he was and he gave me a hug. Hard and fake, tight and almost meaningful. I pulled away. I had only met him days before. He walked over to the dorm room door and locked it. Then his hands soon found their way to my waist and he began to force his hands up my shirt telling me, "Lets keep this between you and me". He kissed me and I told him this was a bad idea. I had to freakin pry his hands off me before me finally let me leave.

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Important Survey about gay rights, morality, and mass media!

Hello my name is Gina and i am working on a project that focuses on the current status of homosexuality in America. I need view points from individuals who have experienced first hand predjudice, intollerance, dificult moral dicisions, how the media protrays homosexuality, and how the problems can be approached in a loving Christian way.I have a few questions as well that i would like to have answered: (1) what do you believe are some of the objective (factual)and the subjective (individual opinions) views on homosexuality today? (2) do you find any inadequate approaches to orality present when the public addresses and reacts to homosexual life styles? (3) have mass media and advertising played any role in the situation? I thank you very much for taking the time to read this and if youre planning on replying i thank you again. If you have any real life stories that you dont mind me sharing in a classroom i would me more than happy to have them (names can be changed is desired). My email address is and my AIM is ginabutter87. I believe it is important for homosexuals to voice their opinions and i would be more than happy to be that voice. Thank you again and God bless.

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The First and Last Time

The First and Last Time (A poem about HPV)

Simple are your kisses that fall upon my face
Gentle are your hands...warm is your embrace
Magical this evening
That I share with you
I am so unprepared
Not knowing what you will do
Careful are your words
You whisper in my ear
Telling me to touch you
Telling me not to fear
Your hands run over me like water
I am unsure what to feel
I kiss you back though I am scared

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Darrel and Jackie: A Story of Infatuation

Chapter 1: Passing Notes

Maybe it was the phone call last night

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