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Here's something Yama

5. (Yama) Just go fuck yourself, your a asshole like the rest of them...

4. (me) It's ok, I could swear you were trolling but I hate to call troll on anyone in this site. But maybe try trolling me when I'm not so down. See you later.

3. (Yama) Sorry about that Lone... I was on a standard power trip and felt this exterme urge to troll someone, and to do so by using my favorite troll method 'U mad bro'.... I am sorry for any problem that it may have cuased you, and I really don't think my powertrip is over, so forgive me when I do say...

2. (Yama) U Mad Bro? :P

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No one to blame but myself

Damn. Why do scholarships have to be so limited to those in college or those in high school with so many merits? I'm of Mexican descent so there's an easy shot into a scholarship? NO! WRONG DUMBASS TRY AGAIN! I think the only way I can find scholarships is through becoming an illegal citizen and then work in a field and tan myself. Then I'll be eligable.

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Sorry about that.

Hydrogen Peroxide is what I put on it and then I put a shit load of alcohol on it and some Neosporin with a bandaid. The cut wasn't too deep only a surface wound. I'm sorry to scare all of yourselves and myself with that.

What I posted:
"I accidentaly cut myself with one of my moms razor blades. she uses them for maintaining her hair cutting instruments. It was a used one I got cut with. I'm scared.".

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Last day?

LOL! If that was so then I wouldn't get to graduate. I think too many people want 2012 to happen already. What's with all these people awaiting the Final Judgement anyway? If anything it won't happen and even if it did, it's as unlikely as getting attacked by a shark and a dolphin on dry land. It's just so "out there".

Anyway, it won't happen. This totally disproves the May 21st thing:

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To Chris.

Dude come back. I don't know what happened in that deleted journal. And I suppose we can let it be the past. From what I've read it's Shelby's case that people need to learn to defend themselves. She's right. Although you might have somehow misinterpreted her opinion? I would like it if we could have a sit-down type of discussion.

Now for the people to tell me what happened exactly. Tell me people! I wasen't paying any mind to his journal. Then I saw the aftermath this morning.

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From the internet: P3

There are no titles so it's like a surprise!

1. http://su.pr/8wlhdA
2. http://su.pr/2Nw8Iu
3. http://su.pr/1mbjeF

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Prom was last night. I didn't go, what's weird is that I don't really care that I missed it.

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Still in shock.

I just never imagined that something like this would ever happen. It's so sobering at least I would think. I now know a person with this affliction and I think you might already be guessing what it is. I don't exactly know how to handle the shock, It's just that I'm so concerned and I just don't know what exactly to feel, It's almost as if I know less everyday.

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So yeah I totally missed out on buying tickets the prom. Too expensive, too far away. I always (beginning of my senior year) had a dream that I would go with my friends and hang out. I have to admit it's slightly depressing. I just wanted to have one night where I would get to hang out with my friends and have fun.

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Well the weekend is going very well, this is always well appreciated by me of course. I'll do the ID sometime next week, and the registration card to vote isn't really due for awhile (apparently). I'll probably apply to the college through the net today if I can. So all these little things are going pretty well, and I'm pretty content.

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Fuck it. (wearing a smile)

Prom is too expensive, I have no boyfriend. I still haven't had an oppurtunity to get an ID, and I still haven't applied to a college or turned in my voter registration card because of the ID situation. Too much pressure and too much of me not really caring (except about voting). I'll be able to get my scores for college tommorow and I'll apply on Saturday.

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What is it?

Disclaimer: I hate to have to smother all of you with my craziness, but please understand this is my journal and I wish to just express myself. Please don't be offended. So this goes to anyone who wants to start "Amen" fights or "Awesome Christians" fights. If you want to read my stuff then don't be surprised about the topics.

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I amuse myself.

Still haven't done the assignment. Oh well, I'm going to look forward to a nice shower and going to bed early. :)

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Procrastination or relaxation?

Relaxation all the way. As you all don't know this about me, I strongly dislike homework (only as far as high school goes). So I was supposed to write a summary of an entire chapter in my Tonal Harmony book. But I didn't do it because it's not my Job to teach myself. The only reason behind it was laziness.

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Lament, you are a dear friend.

I haven't recorded anything in a year already. The only reason keeping me from doing that is because I'm just too lazy and then I get busy. Plus my microphones are broken. I remember when I used to be an active musician, oh those truly were "the days". I remember the impromptu concerts in the park and in the city.

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