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An open letter to Sam2000 (please read)

Dear Sam,

It's come to my attention in the comments in your journal before last, that you feel like we're rejecting you and possibly condemning. This is far from what I've tried to tell to you. I never meant to offend you or make you feel attacked, this was not my intent at all. This was simply my skepticism that most people develop after using the net for awhile.

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So yeah despite what I've wrote the past few times I've been here, things are going fine. But I'd like to write about something that definately interests me. It's something I'll probably always wonder about and not that there's resentment. Now let it known that those who know where I had come from that I resent nothing but my inner curiosity is aflame.

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Downtown Madness Yet Again

So yeah there I was a few days ago done with my classes for the day. I just sat on a bench, nothing special when who should catch my eye, a cool guy I met at a bus stop a few weeks prior. So we walked and talked for a bit and he wanted to go downtown and bum around, so I asked if I could accompany him, and he said "Sure".

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My Lord.

So I just saw Israel's Shattered Dreams, I'm speechless. Has anyone else seen this stunning documentary?

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My leven

So I've been well except for my heart lately. It's been skipping beats more often than it used to. So I figure I'll just get that checked out and my lymphnodes are still going. But I'm not it severe pain or whatever so I'm ok for right now. Anyway, not much. And I think I'm going to be really good with this new chapter in Algebra, however...

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In die Lente

Feeling the breeze run through the old shaky house. Open windows acting as vents and rooms and halls as ventilation shafts. Doors slam furiously and curtains blow carelessly outward then in. The sparrow's nest by my window remains, the new birds have indeed hatched and have had their first taste of music from my open window. Don't worry, they're above it.

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And now I feel better.


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Something I'll never try again.

If you don't know what something does don't mess with it. But I went with my natural curiosity and fixed my glasses. So there was a "Frankenstein's screw" in the temple of the frame but installed backward for the longest time. So I decided to simply take it out and put it back it the correct way. I knew I could do it, I've done similar things 'o so many time before.

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Freaky dream lol

I dreamt I was abducted by aliens... That really freaked me out for some reason but now that I'm totally coherent and such it seems rather funny. I guess what really freaked me out was that for some reason when I woke up my briefs had gone missing and I thought I got probed or something. But it was nothing out of the ordinary it seems lol. Anyway, I really apologize for my lack of activity on here.

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So yeah...

I just noticed how messed up my room looks sometimes. There's a Banjo right next to a miniature rebel flag, not mention other weird juxtaposes. So anway, I got a belt buckle, it was my Grandfather's. I wonder how he and my Grandmother are enjoying paradise. Sometimes I wonder what it's like, I bet it's absolutely amazing. Well moving on to something else.

Pizza dipped in ranch sauce. Amazing. 'Nuff said.

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From the Internet: P6

There are no titles so it's like a surprise!

1. http://youtu.be/ybEBjdMi334
2. http://youtu.be/9ds7OfXXi-c
3. http://youtu.be/Zeu4BrOkZF0

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Had the weirdest thought.

If I walk in my leather jacket will some PETA guy(s) throw blood on me or something? Or maybe it's just fur they have something against. lol So anyway onto something that's been bothering me for quite a while. So on Maandag I was supposed to turn in an assignment in my business computers / communications class.

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Yo Oasis,

just lonewolf here. I'm a total mess today. I got up at 10:00 then proceeded to eat breakfast and now I'm just in my room listening to some Beck, I didn't even make an attempt to be properly dressed to my own standards. I think I now know what it means to be "laid-back" (really relaxed). I'm so lazy. lol

So what's going on with you, people of Oasis?

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Lymphnodes. Enough said.

So today my friend is coming over so we can hang out, movies, games, reminicing, that sort of thing. I'm just going to wear my robe all day, and slippers (yes I will be wearing clothing under it). it was nice to wake up this cool morning and look out the window at the rising sun. I'm glad my room faces the East on days like this.

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So yeah a few days ago I dreamt that somehow I was a leader of The Nation of Islam. Pretty confusing but I did happen to watch a special on Malcolm X that day. I found it a bit amusing and had a slight wonder if it meant anything. But soon after a small dissection of the dream meaning was nowhere to be found in it.

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