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Thanks LastPass?

I'm serious about the title.

(LastPass auto-logged me in. xD)


I've really only made two or so posts over 2012 haven't I?

I might as well change that a bit.

Or not.

I have too many online journals as it is.

(Tumblr, Dreamwidth, heavily encrypted text file, and the like.)

and for personal reasons, it seems kind of awkward to be posting here now.
(But I could get over that? I just might have to change a few things though.)


I might as well leave a life update for you guys.

-Got a boyfriend around last may?

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I don't remember the last time I was even here.
How are things guys?

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Poetry Dump (instead of an actual entry...)

(lyrics by Nano until I write my own…)
(Nano's version ->

ローリンガール (Rolling Girl)

I don’t understand. What is it all?
Why am I here? Is there anything?

“Lonely girl alone inside her head.
Her dreams slip through her fingers again.”

“Thoughts collide as she turns inside her bed.
Clawing ‘round and around. Clawing ‘round and around.”

“I’ll be fine. She whispers in her sleep.
The words are drowned inside of her pain.”

I can’t do this…
I won’t find bliss…

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Just a life update....

My last semester of highschool is actually going fairly well... Okay, aside from me failing AP Computer Science... But, I have enough time to get that grade up before the AP exam in May.

I've actually been going out more lately 'cause all the GSA's in my area keep planning things. So having something to do every other weekend is nice.

(and being in a sea of gay isn't bad either) :)

I've met a few guys and whatnot, have a date next weekend. ^-^

On other notes I'm becoming increasingly more mad at one of my friends for her BLATANT STUPIDITY.

first you have this:

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Figured that I'd do this in a journal

instead of a comment... XD

"Yeah... You've been missed!

Curious: Is each new iteration of your name undertaken to match an auspicious evolution in your personality? Tell us about it..."

Now that I've googled the definition of "auspicious" XD

What you've said sounds like it hits the nail on the head... :)

I never actually thought about it but going from a pure japanese name to something that is at least germanic. (AKA picking a name that is actually pronounceable and such)

maybe it shows that I'm thinking more seriously and rationally about transition and all?

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um...... Hey?

I feels like I haven't been here in forever... so link spam!~




Quick life update: My grandfather now lives 10 minutes from my house. o.0 & x.x
I also switched names twice while I was gone. XD

Ayumi -> Sayomi -> Rika

Rika just sounds more normal and easy to pronounce... XD

Um... I guess that's it? Well for now anyway? -cute laugh-

Until next time,

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I've been here for over a year now. A year ago, I was bitching about Hietman and now (even with a few mistakes along the way) I could care less and have a wonderful relationship to boot. Love you Kiyoshi-kun!~ ^^






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Apparently the guy that I've had a crush on sense about 8th grade....

Has proposed to his current girlfriend. (While we're all still in highschool)

and has a house.


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The joys of facebook.

What do you all think?

have a mind screw:

btw I no longer support gay marriage, I'm for civil unions now

um okay? explain why?


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Self doubt is FUN! [/sarcasm]

“Past and Future”

I don’t know anymore. What’s going on?
What’s wrong with my mind?

It all concerns you. Everything.
I’m having doubts. Nothing’s coming true.

Is it all an illusion?
Are you even real?

I sometimes wonder if this never happened.
Where would I be now?

Is it all fabrication? Just an elaborate lie?
I’m not sure about the answers. Therefore to myself I sigh.

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thank you internet for making my day. If laws don't change in the next 5 years I might not be leaving this country after all... XD

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for the win?

I'm genderbending stuff now! 'Cause I need practice for it anyway... XD I've gotten much better at it!~ ^^
(it's also on youtube)

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Thoughts before school...

School starts in a week. Hopefully at Grayson I won't be surrounded by idiots. I have only one cp class this year too... Senior Year = the year I'm working my ass off to make up for slacking like hell Junior year (I'm looking at you Physics).


Computer Networking (Java, C++, Fixing computers, manual virus killing, etc.) (3 hours at Grayson) (I'll consider that a Honors - Low level AP class [without college credit... XD]{well I guess the certification I get while taking it counts for something. I forget what it is though... XD} Just remembered, it's A+ certification.)

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Do you wish to stalk? <- where my poetry is going from now on

twitter: AratnitY <- I'm random. VERY random. Do YOU wish to enter the maze of my mind?

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Just one? Have another!

sense you guys really haven't seen Kyle's point of view yet... XD


Hey. I figured that sense you wrote me a letter I’d do the same thing.

Shit. I really don’t know what to say in this thing…

Okay then. I just keep typing and something will come up yes?

Doing all these duets has been really fun. Even though I’ve more or less hijacked your youtube account, I’ve been having a lot of fun lately. Just spending time with you and being stupid.

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