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Um.... just guess.

Is it sad that I'm looking at laws by state to figure out where I'm going when I move out?

-sighs- if only the world was perfect....

EDIT: covering this tomorrow with Kyle. Because we would SO throw a party with epic dancing!~
EDIT2: John's "I LOVE CLEANING!" bit at the beginning. XD
EDIT3: Hell the entire bit with the parents. XD We'd so so it. It'd be EPIC!~

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More seme uke quizness... XD

Rules: take it once. Switch Out. Take it again. How well do we fare?

First one!~ ( )

Arata: The Gentleman you are 75% Seme!
You are the gentleman! Every uke's dream seme, and every girl's dream man at that. You fit the image of a knight in shining armour. you are gentle and care for your partner. you are also romantic... *sigh* What more could anyone wish for? Long lasting relationships work best for you.

Most compatible with: housekeeping uke

Kyle: Nature's Mistake you are -80% seme!

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Thank you Urban Dictionary, for making me smile...

Looked up Kyle's name on UB. After crying and smiling stupidly for a while, these are my favorites.

Kyle: A generous, outgoing guy who goes out of his way for his friends. Can be sweet and caring towards people, he has a laid back and calm approach. Truthful, gullable, lovely and Sexy. Can be a bit of a stress head at times, can also hold grudges for a long period of time. Nice to get to know, easy to fall in love with.
(You do go out of your way to make others happy...)

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Just a duet...

Between me and Kyle. We had fun. It took a little while to do but still... XD

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Shameless Advertising GO! XD

Just a duet. Between me and someone who I've mentioned at LEAST 3 times now. Read past entries if you're curious... XD

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Bad mind! Stop worrying!

I have no idea why I'm posting this.... Ah whatever.


Um… I don’t know why I’m writing this really. I guess it’s just to try and sort everything out again… I mean, I’ve done that already but still….

I miss you. I know we talk and all but…. I miss you. So much. I miss the way we used to be. I miss holding you. I should count myself lucky that I can still talk to you and all but I miss holding you.

I really do…..

Writing that poem yesterday made me smile. It was about the two of us you know that? You were so adorable then…

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Just a Poem...

(Warning: Twincest)


I’m sitting next to you by a stream,
Starting to wonder why you called me.

Your hands begin to move, caused by the nerves,
What are you thinking? You’re touching me there.

I look at you with the softest of smiles.
“I need to talk to you.”
Okay brother, you want me to stay for a while?

Wait a second, is it what I think?
My heart starts pounding. You’re touching my cheek.

‘Ni-chan…’ I whisper, blushing so small.
You look at me and smile.

“You know what I’m thinking.”
I think that I do.
“I love you.”

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I ended up convincing someone to join this site. :)

Also, I stuck my 2 rave playlists together. now it's 50 hours. but one playlist. Which is much better!~ ^^

Why is summer almost over? I don't wanna start my senior year.... I mean I do my my mom is already talking about graduation and college. I FEEL OLD.

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entry for today.

Going to see the midnight premier of Harry Potter tonight. :)

Reading a Draco x Harry fic right now. <3 Time goes by so slowly...

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click it. I dare you. <3

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Ah the internet, how you entertain me...

Took it twice. (EDIT: A 3rd time) (EDIT2: OKay 4th.... [and final] XD)

You are a Badass Uke!

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I made a twitter? XD


On another note, my novel slowly going along. It's definitely not a young adult novel. Well it was from the beginning. Incestuous twins? Yep. NOT YA. Haven't gotten to any sex yet. That might happen later but.... not yet... XD I need to get better at writing sex scenes first... (needs practice...)

It'll be in there though...

That's for sure...

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Another Fandub.

wrote another fandub.

same Arata and Kyle as in the bit of novel I posted a few posts ago...

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Not sure if anyone cares but...

I can has comments?

Text copyrighted by: arata13


A Novel by: arata13


Chapter 1....Normal? Don’t be so sure…



I never thought about it; how I was going to die. I always thought my
death would be a peaceful one. Like dying in your sleep. Nice and
calming, next to Arata, my brother. It was the ideal way to die. Next
to the person you would give your life for. Next to the person you
would love for all eternity. Next to your soul mate. Sadly, that is
not always the case.

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