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WRITER'S BLOCK SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~ >.>

That is all. ^-^

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It's an addiction....

I've been listening to techno music sense idk... 10AM?

I wish I had a strobe light....

One Person Rave. FTW! <3

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Nani desu Ka?


spent the night at Casey's/Riku's yesterday. Kelly was there too. Casey had school tomorrow morning to she went to sleep at about 10.

Me and Kelly started talking and whatnot.

(at about midnight)
Kelly: You know... I've always thought that you're cute.
me: *blush* *thinks* What.?.?.? o.0 *[/thought]* um... *blushes more* I thought you were kinda cute too...
kelly: really?
me: yeah...
kelly: *kisses*
me: *thinking* oh shit. oh shit. oh shit![/thinking] *kisses back*

This wen't on until... about 5 am? (fastest five hours of my life...)

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Looked up my birth name (Grant) on urban dictionary. I don't know how to respond... o.0

and Ayumi (still makes me smile)

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wow.... I think I just found a troll... XD

Someone messaged me and just by scanning this 9 paragraph message it already looks like a template.. XD

I read it though. If you wanna read it. I'll send you a copy...

No I didn't feed the 'troll'... I didn't even reply. just ignored it... XD

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1st entry for this Summer!~

I PASSED ALL MY STUFF!!!~I'm a Senior now. Holy shit.

Going to Florida soon. This means being with my grandfather.

Grandfather + Dysphoricness = HELL.

On a better note... I spent a good 6 hours uploading a bunch of stuff to youtube!~ Check it out??? XD (link if you click on my username)

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I have subcummed and reassimilated myself... Oh no.

I made a myspace.

and got back onto my Vampire Freaks account after like 2 months??

Also, I LOVE this journal' title...

(and apparently the Trevor project has something called: Trevorspace... XD joins* [link to profile: ])

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Because my friends are this awsome.

(from facebook)

Age is just a number. Gender is just a body. Sexuality is just a label. Distance is just miles. Race is just a color. Marriage is only paper. Religion is just beliefs. Looks are only seen. Love? Love is love. It is unexplainable, but when you find it. Don’t take advantage of it. Cherish every moment of it.

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Music = <3

I just spent the last couple of hours assembling my "Rave" playlist, full to the brim with techno and dance music. My MP3 player has now turned epic. ^-^

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Um.... *taps finger along spacebar*

Oh! I remember now!~ XD

Spent most of the school day chatting with Kyle. Still am even now... XD One of my friends even noticed him in 3D Art... Which led to some very interesting things and weird looks from other classmates... :)

and she now knows of the relationship that me and him shared...

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It was the worst idea ever and I reget every second of it.

I gave David the letter this morning. and by 2nd period I was already wishing that I burned it so he would never see it.

'I can't keep going under...'

(EDIT: One of my friends who was sitting next to him this morning told me that he didn't even look at it and threw it away as soon as I left.)

I did stick a poem in the letter though...

I look at you, while you look at me.
I watch your lips move, quickly, but free.

It’s been a while now and I’m starting to see.
The mistake I made, it stings like a bee.

I look at you now, and silently cry.

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4 months and it'll be 2 years... *laughs*

And I'm running into you like crazy... and guess what? I really don't care anymore... XD

Is this, the universe telling me something?

I guess I'll find out tomorrow... XD

Yeah, you heard me David, I'm going to talk to you.
Tomorrow morning.
I hope our telepathy will come back... I missed it...

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I don't get it.... XD

I keep seeing Heitman everywhere now... At least he now no-longer looks at me then looks uber depressed and upset... But, I'm now no-longer giving him the "I hate your guts" look I've been giving to him for um... the past 2.5 years???

On another card...

Me and Max had a fight last night.... It was mostly psychically... actually it was ALL psychically. I had fun!~ I haven't done something of the sort in a vary long time....

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*insert sad face here*

My plan for prom just crashed right through the floor.

My excuse to grab a dress just told me that she's busy tomorrow...

Part of me just wants to say fuck it and give up.

My mom doesn't even know that I even thought about going to prom anyway...


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