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I'm bored.....

why? because I just read someone's oasis journal BACKWARDS.
I'm on page eight and I'm still going and these entries are just getting more and more depressing...

anyone wanna guess who it is??? I'll give you a cookie if you get it right! ^^ XD

(edit: I'm done. I have a whole new level of respect for this person now....)
(edit2: I might do this more often..... it's a great way to get inside someones head.....)

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Still no school....

3rd day now with no school and the snow isn't leaving... bye holidays!!! *waves*

(on another note...)
"arata13- *laughs really hard at many of your posts, and your use of asterisks* You are so funny. Though, with the psychic powers, you must've already known that XD Seriously, you *walked away* from your profile page! YES! And Ayumi is a great name, too. Good taste."

I FEEL LOVED! <3 ♥ <3 XD

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according to my mother, my grandfather is going to be here for at least 3 more weeks. (if not more.)

shit. Well I guess that I get to try to hang out with Casey of much as possible..... 'Cause I'm sick of my grandfather..... and the rest of my family...

(randomness: if you're watching a video on youtube, and after 'youtube' in the url type 'repeat' and hit enter. it'll load the video again but it will repeat itself automatically.)

(ex: - (remove the '-' at the beginning and end)

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1st entry for 2011. (Oh that's wierd... XD)

(I don't like new years. Always have to remind myself to write the CORRECT year until about the end of February.... XD)

I go back to school tomorrow. What the hell, I'll just make a good bad list instead of trying to type everything out.....

2nd semester of Physics (I came really close to failing....)

95% of the students in my school

~Good bad list for my life currently~


Parents. end of story.

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It's new years eve! YESH!! <3

Spending the night at Casey's AWAY from my hell of a home. My mother refuses to acknowledge the letter I wrote to her before winter break. And that fact is only upsetting me more and more everyday...


I may be trans but stop fucking with my emotions and self-esteem.


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*blank title*

This just made me feel really depressed....

Anyway, it's a good comic! Read It?

Quick Link to page 1

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dun dun DUN......

Well the letter is offically sitting on the kitchen table. I'm at school and i'm praying that my mom won't check me out early or something....

Anyway I signed it with the name that I'm now using as my name: Ayumi (like it?)

But... I'm still scared shitless....
Like I'm going to get home and walk into Hell's fury or something.

Which is probablly what's going to happen....
Okay then. If I get kicked out run to Trent's house ASAP!
oh look at txt from my mom: asking me If i took my meds... don't think she's found it yet...

*sweatdrops* Ich habe viel Angst.....

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Twice? Really?

(lolz at apparent question mark)

I've got it.
I'm trans.

I mean I tried telling this to my mother in the 9th grade but she shurgged it off and told me: "you just want attention. Shut up."

I mean, I told her I was gay twice too. it was only after the 2nd time she got it and went with it.

So... I get to tell her again. time number 2. and I'm in the 11th grade now...

I'm probablly just gonna write a letter and indirectly hand it to her.....

I'm just not sure how....

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Max, I kind of want to jump back to the month before homecoming... cause you actually txted me and flirted with me.... even though according to Brooke that was all bs.... I'm still not really sure... xD

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Other Journals?

Does anyone have any?
Besides this one I have a:
Live Journal and a journal on Vampire Freaks

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It's almost the 3rd.... I feel really bad for Casey-chan... I mean I can kind of emphasize with what she's going through but, still.... I can't truthfully relate to all of the pain..... I really hope she comes to school that day.... I think talking to friends would make one feel better than sitting at home all depressed and drowning in one's misery.....

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It's offically December....
which means the 3rd in in like two days...
Casey hasn't been able to sleep.
and it's basically been a year now sence Ryan died... (he died on the 3rd.)

I hope she'll be okay....
I'm kind of worried about her...

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I love my school... ^.^

Our school is basically doing there own version of post secret. Looks like I'm gonna be submitting a lot of stuff....

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Spam filter? I usually don't trip those... XD

This was going to be a poll but the spam filter hates me... XD

Do you consider yourself to have ESP/Psychic abilities in any form?

A. Yes. I've had way too many things occur to say their not just chance...

B. No. I've never had anything to prove me otherwise

C. Somewhat. I've had occasional experiences.

D. Psychic? Are you crazy? They don't exist!

*presses imaginary button for "A"*

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Okay..... XD

Today's been odd.... I keep finishing peoples sentences.
and I've been asked "Are you psychic or something?" at least 7 times today....
I mean... I've always had some skill with telepathy but it's never been this "strong" before...

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