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why I thought this idk.... xD

I wonder what would've happened if I was still dating Heitman..... (the one that wasn't gay.)
and I just found out he wasn't gay by outright asking him like last year.
It would've been about 4 years then.....

How crushed would I have been?

Considering that 2.5 years fucked me up a bit.....

*is curious*

For some reason though.....

I really liked crying for 2 weeks straight........................

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School 2morrow....
after having a whole week off I really don't want to go back.
I don't need all of my friends going "Oh look I'm dating this person now!!!" >.> stfu.
I don't like being single.
Stupid me for knowing like NO gay guys that would date me.... 'cause Max sure as hell won't.... xD
Stupid school for having almost zero cute gay/bi guys... xD

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I tried.... xD

Well, I tried to ask you out. And I get a no... okay whateves... XD

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I'll do it...

I'm just not sure when...

I'll ask out Max eveuentually.

If I ever catch him when he isn't working... xD

(and it's just the two of us...)

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Need something to do....

Well I just got done reading a bunch of depressing fanfics! ^.^

I'm still bored though...

I guess I'll spend some time on my novel....

    Shining Night

needs to get written eventually... xD


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Most dissappointing day ever... :'(

Today, I was sitting in German and my teacher asks us: "Raise your hand if your planning on taking AP German next year." (We're all in German 3) So naturally, I raise my hand because that was my plan from German 1.

She looks at me dead in the face and says, "I'm not recommending you."

And just to add insult to injury, I'm getting my class ring tomorrow.


One of my friends at lunch said that I should ask to retake German 3 again next year so I'll have four years...

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Just a fandub...

This song is my crack. So I decided to write a fandub 'cause I was bored and needed time to kill... xD

A fandub of the song: Magnet

By: Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka

Fandub By: arata13

At the edge within my heart there burns a small, sharp tiny flame;
But, when I see you, it spreads into something that we can't contain.
The butterfly that I claim, it flapped around so aimlessly,
Yet, did I just see it leave some slight powder on your hand?

Just take hold of me I'm under your control
With your kiss, you know I belong to you
If they say what we are doing is a sin.

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I ditched la with Max today and we just talked about random stuff for about 20 minutes.
I forgot how cute he is... xD
I enjoyed our convo'....
Then we went back to la... T.T

Reading "The Scarlet Letter" sucks...
Every time I look at one of it's pages, My brain goes: "These paragraphs are too long!!!! T.T"

On the other hand...
Note to self:
1.Figure out if Max is single
2. If he is, ask him out.

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I don't know.....

I keep losing my train of thought everytime I even think about writing something here...

I don't like it. :(

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*insert horrid title here*

I miss you.....
[sighs] Oh well.... Not much one can do about that...

I'm not feeling good.... and my hands have been freezing all day. JUST my hands. It's kinda creepy...

o.0 did I just lose my train of thought? XD

I wonder that my 'rents would say if they knew what my brain has been thinking these past few says...

I wanna pierce my ear... XD that sounds like fun... XD

"Bitte Springt Nicht......"

[sighs] If only it was that simple....

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I really need to say it.....

but, I just can't...

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yay for J-Pop???

I'm listening to Riyu Kosaka and BeForU!~ <3 so for once it's not something really depressing... XD
Casey, I expected you to show up at school today... Had something important to tell you and I kind of need to say it to your face... [no you don't get to know what it is... it's personal...]

J-Pop = <3

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Save me Now!!!

I'm freaking out... It's been almost a year now since my friend's brother died... and, who is one of the few people that she trusts with EVERYTHING??? If you said me, your right. T.T December 3rd is going to be major HELL!!! >.> [sighs] Well at least I won't be in a mental hospital like I was last year... (THAT was not fun...) (like really, that phone call fucked me up for a few hours...) (sorry that I wasn't there... 'cause I would've been with you in a heartbeat)

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I'm kind of bored..... Yesterday Morning was wierd. I know where the guy that I mentioned b4 hangs out in the morning now. it made me wanna kill him. not kidding. >.> oh well, just another place to avoid then... XD I CAN'T BELIEVE that I wanted to be friends with him again. I see him once and all the anger and hate comes rushing back. Your an asshole you know that? I hope you do. Like really, your an ass and I'm NEVER going to forgive you. EVER. Enjoy highschool cause' I hope that it's crap for you. I really do.

On another note... xD

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(now for a post with substance... XD)

Hmmmm...... Casey.... your fucking amazing! <3 XD
and your a girl. which my mom is COMPLETELY happy over... xD this is amuzing..... your cute I will say that... and now Sara thinks I'm bi... xD um... yeah... we'll see....

but, my mom is all like, "take her out on a date!!!"
me: "She has a BOYFRIEND!!!!!!~'
me: o.0

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