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wow.... XD

My school is win. It has a GSA (finally!).
AND I just found out that I can read MLIA here too! ^.^
(MLIA= My Life Is Average) (for the ones who don't know...)

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Language Arts...

It's in 7th peroid (which is in like 5.5 hours)
should I...

  • Ditch?
  • Not Ditch and 'go with it'?
  • Go, and try to Block out as Much Drama as humanly possible?
  • Go and block out everything that's said around and to me?


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I haven't texted Brooke yet today... I'm starting to think that not texting her is a good idea. For now anyway...

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Was ist Das???

Like seriously I have zero idea whats going on anymore. At all. It's all too damn confusing and it's really pissing me off. Like my la class is just going to become one huge drama pit. and I'm gonna wanna scream for 3 days straight by the time I leave tomorrow. I HATE THIS!!!!!!!

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AHHHHH!!!!!! *screams*

DAMNIT! the second I actually TRY to avoid drama it gets slammed back into my face. What the Hell? >.>

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Heute ist Kolmisch... o.0

Max, I've heard so many things about you today that idk what to believe anymore. Ah whatever, Brooke will help keep me sane. XD Max, I still have this feeling that you kind of have a crush on me too.

'Nee, choudai?'

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*squee*!! ^.^

OMG!!! There's a guy at my school who's bi and is actually cute! ^.^ The 14th won't suck!!!~~~ (even though he has a girlfriend at the time) Hey you can't beat good eye candy! ^.^

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Springt Nicht - Tokio Hotel

(This song is addicting.)

Über den Dächern

ist es so kalt

und so still

Ich schweig deinen Namen

weil Du ihn jetzt

nicht hören willst

Der Abgrund der Stadt

verschlingt jede

Träne die fällt

Da unten ist nichts mehr

was Dich hier oben

noch hält

Ich schrei in die Nacht für Dich

lass mich nicht im Stich

Spring nicht

Die Lichter fangen Dich nicht

sie betrügen Dich

Spring nicht

Erinner Dich

an Dich und mich

Die Welt da unten zählt nicht

Bitte spring nicht

In Deinen Augen

scheint alles sinnlos und leer

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Ich liebe Dich? Ich weiß Nicht.... Sowieso, du liebt mich nicht... T.T

Well I didn't see you today either. It's weird when I didn't want to see you I would see you EVERYWHERE. But now, when I ACTUALLY want to see you I can't find you anywhere. Heh, It'd be ironic if I see you on the 14th, considering it's the day that I broke up with you... XD Like seriously if I do see you that day I'm seriously going to bust out laughing at the irony. I highly doubt you'd get it though. I doubt you even remember what you said last September 14th...

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Ich schrei in die Nacht für Dich! *sighs*

I feel so conflicted. I want to be friends with you but I don't. Heck, you were the one who said that we could still be friends but I was the one who walked away. What's depressing is that I DID want to be friends with you still but, I didn't want to get hurt again because your not gay after all. That one sentence crushed me more than you will ever know David. Heck, my friends say that you did because you didn't know what else to do. That you were to scared to tell me. Heck, you said that you 'didn't want to hurt me'.

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well crap... T.T

I couldn't find you today... T.T Oh well... T.T

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*insert title here*

Seriously I'm about to start crying at this point. I want to talk to you. Badly. *sighs* I really want to talk to you. Maybe, then everything can go back to normal (normal being 15/16 months ago) I don't know... Is this even the right thing to do? Or am I just going to land myself in even more fucking pain then the first time. Because I can't do that again. I REALLY can't do that again. and personally I really don't want to... I hate not being able to cry unless my heart is completely crushed. Just like that dreadful day in September... What I hate though...

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Oh look...

oh yay another place for me to rant about my weird, crazy life... T.T If only they knew... everything that I'm STILL going through... It's almost been a year David, since I broke up with you. and it still hurts like a bitch. I want to see you. Just to maybe give our friendship one more shot... But if I do, I hope that I don't fall for you again. I can't do this all over again. Hell, I WROTE you SO many letters over the last 11.5 months that I never gave to you just trying to sort everything out. But, I still can't. At all. I don't get it.

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