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Dorm's all good so far...

Yup. Really good, actually. So much better than I had expected.

One of my roommates still isn't here yet, but the one who is here is great. She's super excited and enthusiastic about everything; she's nerdy and loves Star Wars and has a sandwich-cutter shaped like a Tie Fighter; she baby-talks to her one-eyed beta fish; she thinks bacteria are about the coolest things ever. Her codename shall be... Leah. Just because.

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Well, it's my turn now...

Moving to college today... Yeah, it's just on the other side of town (so why I'm even going to the dorms I'm not sure). Seems like half the people here on Oasis just started college in the past couple of weeks. So, I guess it's my turn now.

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Apparently I'm never going to learn to drive...

Yeah. Today I got a new learner's permit (the first one, which I got some time when I was sixteen, expired after one year, and then for maybe almost another year I didn't get another one, which is how I come to be eighteen and a half years old and have only the barest rudiments of driving ability) (this time I passed the written test with only one away from perfect, rather than one away from failing, like last time, though) (pardon the parentheses, I've forgotten where this sentence was before them...

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Yet more about Oma

Today my mom and I took Oma on a car ride through the hills north of town, down this mad dirt road. It was nice - Oma even enjoyed it. She was in a good mood today, but very confused. At one point she didn't know the answer to a question about her past, and so told my mom, 'You'll have to ask your father' - Opa, who has been dead some thirty-odd years now. And she didn't know who I was.

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Why does my school start so bloody late, eh? The end of summer is so boriiiiing...... and still has maybe two weeks left.... Everyone else is going to school and so forth while I just sit here waiting...

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Title field is required.

So, my dad is the only person in my family who can actually get stuff done and doesn't procrastinate indefinitely...

For months after the big remodel of my mom's house, the walls of my bedroom were completely bare - just paint and the curtains. And I had a few things to put on them, but no definite plan as to what to put where, and for months and months I just never bothered to put these things up. And this weekend my dad came here, and together he and I put up all these things:

- The Masai shield I bought in Tanzania

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Nothing in Particular

Well, I feel like writing a journal, but I have pretty much nothing to say, so, random things....

Today my mom and I went to see The Help, which was an amazing movie... I cried at least twice. I cry at movies more than I used to, I've noticed. Still don't do it terribly often, but I used to never.

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'Shnarr' is my annoyed noise. I think it comes from some children's book about a hyperintelligent Siamese cat, that I used to read when I was little. The cat was named Henry, and he could do things like fly hot air balloons and improvise skis, but aside from his smarts he wasn't anthropomorphised at all, and all he could say was 'Shnarr.' I think. Regardless. I've been feeling pretty good recently - for a long time, actually - but the only things I have to report are shnarr-worthy things.

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So, room and roommate assignments for the dormitories came out today... And I got an email from one of my roommates... And said email opened with the greeting 'Hey girls'...


Not that I didn't know this was coming... And I have been nervous, et cetera... But now it's here, and I'm either going to do something really cowardly or really stupid or most likely some stupid failed attempt to not take the cowardly option, and mess everything up big-time.

In spite of all that, I'm only a little bit anxious...

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On the trail, the question we always ask is 'Why do we do this?' And maybe we answer 'Because it's fun' or 'Because it's awesome' or 'Because it's the best way to see beautiful places like the Sierras,' or sometimes we answer 'No idea.' But I think it may be more for the days after coming home - when it feels so good to do such everyday things as eat fresh food and take a shower, and when there can be no guilt in sitting around and watching television all day because hey, I just climbed Mount Whitney... twice...

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Random good things (yay, good things!):

The egg I sent to my brother was actually delivered! It got to Endor yesterday, cracked but still smelling okay, wrapped in tape. Dad was extremely amused, Mr Fusion, according to him at least, didn't laugh at all. And today the postman talked to Mr Fusion and said that he and some other people at the post office had had a good laugh over the egg too. So, experiment more successful than ever hoped!

Now Regi wants me to try to mail a banana.

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War Stories

Today my mom's cousin Steve and his son were in town, and we and they had lunch with Oma and ended up talking about the very different experiences Oma and her brother (Steve's father) had had during World War II.

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Tanzania Journal 6: Thursday, 23 June

Thursday 23 June

Okay, before I forget: 'Ranai yo pinama' - at least that's how it sounded; I could be totally wrong.

Right. With that little memorandum out of the way, return to chronology.

Our sleep clocks are not yet adjusted. Dad and Mr Fusion were both wide awake and reading at five in the morning; Mom and I both got up and used the toilet around midnight and had trouble waking up in the morning. Not that we wouldn't have had trouble waking up before seven if our sleep clocks had been adjusted, but even so.

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Tanzania Journal 5: Wednesday, 22 June

Wednesday, 22 June

Heheheh. There's a shower here at the Ilboru Safari Lodge and I just showered and before I showered I found out that Mom brought a big bottle of shampoo and a big bottle of conditioner. Yeah. No wonder her luggage weighs fifty pounds. Sheesh. 'I have long hair!' she says. I didn't even bring deodorant.

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Tanzania Journal 4: Tuesday, 21 June

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Well. It has been an exceedingly long day (probably because I've counted it as starting as soon as we left Washington) and we are all exceedingly tired (as in unable to keep from falling asleep in the time frame between boarding an airplane and the safety spiel).... but we are now in Tanzania! So, yay, one more country on that list, one more continent on that other list, and two more countries on the almost-list.

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