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Living right across the street from a theatre....

It's either awesome or just bad, I'm not sure. 'Cause I've been going to the theatre way too much. But I love it. Saw Picasso at the Lapin Agile last night, it was fantastic; saw Weird Al sometime last week, also spectacular; will be seeing MacHomer sometime this week, et cetera.

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I love Hallowe'en

Hello. I'm the Doctor.

The younger one. The older one? The handsome one! The, er, the less geeky one?
The one on the left. Your left, I mean, his right. My right. I am he and he is me and all that, coo coo k'choo.
The one with the specs and the banana. Bananas are good.

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The Flat-Chested Virgins of Room 104

My roommates used to call the three of us 'the Flat-Chested Virgins of Room 104,' but after this weekend I'm going to be the only one left, because Zephyr has never actually been flat-chested and Leah went to visit her boyfriend this weekend with the understanding of not coming back as a virgin.

In my biology class, we raised butterflies, and I took two butterflies once they had pupated, and for days now the butterfly named Victoria has been trying to rape the butterfly named Rumpelstiltskin. Also, Rumpelstiltskin has laid eggs, and I have no idea what to do with them.

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Bow Tie Friday

(There was supposed to be a picture here of me wearing a bowtie. But that didn't work. Alas. This journal just lost its entire purpose without that picture.)

Oh yes.

(But now since I can't show you that photograph, which would have been the entire journal pretty much, I guess I have to actually write some stuff.)

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Random and Unimportant

Last night there was a sort of meeting for our floor - most people didn't go, but still - at which a few issues were discussed.

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Wow. That was unexpected.

We hadn't seen each other in six years. The six years before that we were best friends. A mutual acquaintance had told her I was at this school, so she recognised me, despite how different I probably look. I had no idea she was here - I noticed that that girl looked like her, but thought no, it couldn't be. To me, after six years, it was like she no longer existed. Not possible just to meet her in passing.

And yet there she was. 'No way,' I said.

Her freckles are gone.

A third of our lives so far we were together, and then a third apart. I wonder what will happen from here.

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Heheheh, random

I've always kind of wanted to send a telegram, just for the sake of having sent a telegram. I don't know whether it's even possible; still, I'd like to try, someday. But I did just send a text message (yeah, it's been unavoidable - but I did make it all the way to college without ever having sent one) in telegram-speak because I don't know how to make punctuation (it was hard enough learning how to make letters, spaces, and especially capital letters).

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Nobody's posting on Oasis......

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Hate double-journalling, but I have happy positive things to say

My roommates are so wonderful. This evening we had to write up a 'Roommate Agreement,' like a contract wherein we agree on policies regarding using each other's stuff and letting other people into the room and so forth, but we treated it partly seriouswise and partly as a total joke. Like we decided that we would solve all conflicts that might arise by 'LIGHTSABER DUEL!' mediated by the Resident Adviser, who must be wearing a black cloak. And now we can't wait to have any problems so we can take our lightsabers and black-cloaked Jimmy out to the lawn and have an awesome battle.

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This complicates things...

Apparently I haven't been so discreet about using the 'wrong' shower room as I had thought. Apparently there have been 'rumors' and some of the guys have been getting uncomfortable. And now I have no idea what's going to happen next - I don't want to leave my wonderful roommates, I really don't want to have to explain to my family that I'm getting transferred to the apartments because I was using the men's bathrooms in the dorms, but I don't want to use the girls' bathrooms, or keep making the guys uncomfortable.

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First day of class

Yup. College classes begin today; I've had two of them already. I don't know whether I'm behind or not - my roommates have been doing homework since at least yesterday and I haven't even gotten all my books yet, but at least I know some of the material and I'm pretty sure that many if not most people are even further behind than I am.

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Random of Friday

One of the guys in my Welcome Week group suggested that some morning we have a semi-organised 'sing badly in the shower.' I hope that happens, though it probably won't. I'll try to learn the words to the proposed song just in case, though.

Yesterday I went home and visited my family and helped my brother study Latin and ate enchiladas.

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You're not supposed to sleep at college. Or at least not during Welcome Week. Not sure how that's supposed to work.....

Also, the guys' shower room is closed for cleaning at eight o'clock every morning, which, depending on people's schedules, is may be one of the times people most want to shower. Seriously, why couldn't they clean the shower room at, like, noon?

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Dorm's all good so far...

Yup. Really good, actually. So much better than I had expected.

One of my roommates still isn't here yet, but the one who is here is great. She's super excited and enthusiastic about everything; she's nerdy and loves Star Wars and has a sandwich-cutter shaped like a Tie Fighter; she baby-talks to her one-eyed beta fish; she thinks bacteria are about the coolest things ever. Her codename shall be... Leah. Just because.

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Well, it's my turn now...

Moving to college today... Yeah, it's just on the other side of town (so why I'm even going to the dorms I'm not sure). Seems like half the people here on Oasis just started college in the past couple of weeks. So, I guess it's my turn now.

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