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So... Jude emailed me back today.

I had emailed him a few days ago, trying not to lose contact. It'd been a long time since we'd communicated at all, and I'd been thinking of him. The bracelet he made for me elevenish months ago finally fell off, reminding me that I really had to write to him and not just think about it.


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Random good things.

So, er... where to start....

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Dammit. I can't even kiss someone on the cheek or the forehead without being really bad at it. I didn't even know it was possible to be bad at forehead-kissing. I'm such a loser.

Hahaha. Pretty fun anyway. Everyone putting lipstick marks on everyone else - oh yeah, I'm horrible at lipstick, too, apparently. Not such a bad Valentine's Day for someone so perpetually and frustratingly unsnogged.

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It doesn't feel stupid or wrong thinking about it, but writing it kind of does. I know doing any of it would. Tremendously. 'Cause that's not the character I've written myself into being.

Lying spooned around a girl with short fuzzy hair and a soft, round ass, careful not to move and wake her, my hand between her breasts and her earlobe touching my lips...

Snogging the guy from statistics class, or someone similarly attractive but even more a stranger....

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If you could cross your own timeline...

So, I don't know whether I have much to say or not... but it's been a month since my last entry, so there's got to be something worth writing...

Eh.. You really don't have to read any of this. Skip to the end if you want, fun question about crossing your own timeline.

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2011 was a good year.

On the night of 31 December 2010, I cried myself to sleep. The next morning, after having (for the first time I can remember) been asleep for the turning of the year, I felt far better than I had any right to feel mere hours after learning of the unexpected death of a beloved pet. There must have been something incredibly cathartic in that one final loss, which so closely followed my breakup with my best friend, the departure of the girl I loved but barely knew, and doubtless numerous minor woes I no longer remember.

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Vacations get me away from the Internet.

And that's good. It's good for me to be away from the Internet for a while. Oh yes.

Tonight I went to a Victorian Christmas Ball. It was exactly like the Civil War Ball, except that nobody I know was there and one guy apparently did not understand that 'Victorian Christmas Ball' did not mean 'Steampunk Party.'
Since nobody I know was there, I danced with a different stranger every dance. A lot of my past partners would exchange smiles with me later in the evening, but none of us ever conversed beyond 'May I have this dance' and maybe a quick 'Hi my name is.'

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Bargle nawdle zouss

Well, at last the roommate problems are starting to actually be problems. This may call for a lightsaber duel. This is why I'm glad I got a triple room.

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First Raid on Oma's House

Stuff taken from Oma's house today (just for me):
- a queen-sized red comforter for my bed at home
- a fountain pen, without ink
- a map of the world
- a drawing-compass set
- a dead scrub-jay
- a ball of general-purpose string which we will actually use; we had some string like it once and we used it all and between then and now we didn't have any good string in the house

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Yet another reason CSU Rivendell is wonderful. We have apiculture. That means beekeeping, by the way. And today in my entomology lab we went to see the bees. And I got to take a handful of honeycomb straight out of the beehive and eat it right there, wax and all.

And it was like in every chocolate advertisement ever, where a woman takes a bite of chocolate and this look of chocolate bliss spreads over her face.

That is all.

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An exceptionally unremarkable holiday...

Not sure I've ever had such an unremarkable holiday. Probably have, but I've forgotten, it being thoroughly unremarkable and all. But these past three days nothing has happened that I've never done before, I've taken no photographs, written nothing.... just nothing worth documenting, and my family documents everything. My parents took some photos, just because they document everything, but even then I wondered why. Just Mom cooking Thanksgiving feast for the four of us - just us four this year, and the most stress-free Thanksgiving Mom can remember.

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Random positive journal....

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This has never happened before!

It's Thursday night. (That's happened to me before, hundreds of times.)
I'm done with classes for the week.
I never left campus since Sunday.
I used all of my meal credits for the week. This is a bigger deal than it sounds.

Caught a glimpse of Grey in passing.
She still exists. I still love her. I hadn't been sure until then, after a year, five months, and odd days.

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Living right across the street from a theatre....

It's either awesome or just bad, I'm not sure. 'Cause I've been going to the theatre way too much. But I love it. Saw Picasso at the Lapin Agile last night, it was fantastic; saw Weird Al sometime last week, also spectacular; will be seeing MacHomer sometime this week, et cetera.

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I love Hallowe'en

Hello. I'm the Doctor.

The younger one. The older one? The handsome one! The, er, the less geeky one?
The one on the left. Your left, I mean, his right. My right. I am he and he is me and all that, coo coo k'choo.
The one with the specs and the banana. Bananas are good.

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