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So I got suspended....

Yes, I got suspended from school for two days for punching Leigh. Not so bad, as consequences go. I'm still glad I did it.

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Prom was Fantastic.

From left to right: Girl whom I will codename 'Bonnie' for no apparent reason, Leaena with a truly fantastic mask, me, Regi.

A better look at my costume, though it still doesn't capture said costume's full fabulousness. Heheh, 'fabulous' is such a gay word.

Anyway, yes, I was thoroughly satisfied with the way the whole prom thing worked out.

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From a Goldfish Farm in China


I'm not entirely sure why, but I've abstained from posting anything for two weeks. Read everything, though... Glad to have missed the drama. There have been things I've wanted to say; I don't know why I didn't just say them. Ah well. I'm back now. I'll start commenting again and everything.

I don't have much in particular to say... I guess I'll just write about whatever I've been thinking or doing these past two weeks.

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Original Post:
I just found a list, made especially for people like me by the college I will be attending next year, of all the unisex restrooms on campus.
Not only is this very good news in itself, it also bodes fair for the school's entire attitude toward gender-variant people.

So.... Visited the college today....
The whole college thing is just intimidating. Downright scary, actually.

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One Year Ago

An exact copy of the Gmail chat between me and Leigh on the Wednesday of STAR Testing week, 2010, completely unaltered except for the names. I hate everything about it. Everything.

4:43 PM Leigh: ?
4:44 PM Me: I percieve in you so excellent a touch of modesty that you will not extort from me that which I am willing to keep in.
Therefore it charges me in manners the rather to express myself.
Go on. Ask your questions.
4:45 PM Leigh: How are you feeling?
Me: Less than before.
Leigh: :P
What means your status?

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Ad Conventionem Nerdorum Ii

Salvete amici omnes! Vobis moneo, I'm going to be switching randomly back and forth inter Latinam et English this whole journal. Expecto longum fore, quoque...


I probably won't be able to read all that happened while I was away, either. Ah well. Anyway...

On Friday morning, ego et Alta (Alta est Regi) pervenimus octo hora for the bus ride, and were the only ones there, because for some unknown reason, everyone else knew that we didn't have to be there until eight forty-five or so. So Regi was annoyed, but not seriously so. Et ceteri pervenit tandem.

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Goin' to a Nerd Convention

I think all conventions are nerdly, actually. But whatever. Tomorrow begins the California Junior Classical League Convention, which will last for two days and be super nerdsome and fun. And our entire delegation will be clad in incredibly spiffy black-and-gold togas made by me and my mother, and we will have the coolest uniforms at the whole convention, and win all manner of fabulous prizes not just for our togas but for our assorted awesomnesses of various nature, and mostly there will just be a few thousand nerdly Latin students all nerding around together in one place. Yeah.

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Whatever happened to Evermore?

It's been four months to the day since Leigh and I broke up. I don't think that's long enough, but I'm going to talk to him tomorrow. Because I need to buy prom tickets this week before prices go up. He agreed a year ago that he would go with me, and I hope he keeps to that word. If we never see each other again after prom, I'll be all right with that.

If he won't be my prom date, I'll curse him with the words 'Whatever happened to Evermore?' because those have particular personal significance, even though evermore is no longer what I want.

Edit, 5 April 2011, afternoon.

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So, yesterday...

Yesterday it was announced that prom will be a masquerade.
Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy jubilation!
Seriously, I've been waiting for an occasion to wear my Venetian mask for four years.

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To Lily

Sorry. Yeah. I'm just super awkward. Sorry it's taken me this long to write back to you, too.
You asked how it's been a big year.
A big year - It's hard to believe it's been a year since we last met. A whole year? Only a year? I don't know whether the time seems long or short or both. Anyway, it's been a big year, as I mentioned. Where to begin?

Okay, I know where to begin, but how to say it?

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So, this is... my last day of legally being a minor... and it's going pretty much like any other day...
- except that my mother took this computer to remove some of her files (finally) and I don't think she can have avoided seeing the Oasis tab, so I just hope she respects my privacy and doesn't read anything; she's generally pretty good about that sort of thing, but I'll have to find some clever way of confirming that she's not reading my journal -
...and I don't know why I'm making such a big deal of this whole turning-eighteen thing...

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Medicus et Dominus: Fabula Absurdis a Leaena, Alta, et Sinistra

Canis est in via. Grumio coxit eum, cum Poppaea Clementem oscularet. Quintus, qui nunc in armario habitat, vinum in triclinio bibebat. Tum Salvius, qui fundum habuit, fecit Vesuvium ardescere. Multus sanguis fluxit, et alienagena polypo vultu exclamavit 'Insidiae sunt!' Dido, homo chameleon bubo amicaque Medici Beatuli, Clementem Poppaeamque servavit. Poppaea cum Modesto effugit, sed Clemens nubere Strythionem recusavit. Salvius, Dominus temporisque spatiique, iratissimus erat. Medicus Beatulus solus eum vertare potuit ne omnia techno Germanico cruciaret.

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Resurgence of the Leigh Issue


To address it chronologically then....

I entered a local art contest, for which the big meeting at which winners would be announced and the music contest held was this morning.... Leigh was one of the music contestants... His mom was there...

I hadn't known until then just how much I do like Leigh's mom. What it really is is that she's a direct Lily surrogate, I'm sure. But when we met at the art thing, we greeted each other warmly, and embraced, and suddenly I was all weepy and tears falling out of my face and very surprised at how emotional I was getting.

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Yet more changes...

It's bigger news than anybody's been treating it as being, really: My grandmother, known as Oma, moved in with my family today. We'd been planning for this to happen for a while, and hoping she would consent to it and dreading actually having her here, and now it's happened. It hasn't received much attention, really. Shakespeare (we had our first performance tonight and it went really welllllll!!!!) and baseball and toga-making and brainstorming for my upcoming birthday have not been completely overshadowed, nor has my own gender-thing-that's-been-worse-than-usual-for-the-past-couple-of-days.

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A journal is about now...

'Now' happens to be the last week for me to be legally a minor... and am I doing anything special with it? No I am not. I am not at all. It's just another week in the life of the kid who wishes he wasn't so scared of taking action.

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