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Snake Surgery

Further proof, if any were needed, that my dad is the best. Really, I feel completely guilty having such great parents when so many people don't.

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Can't it just stay like this?

Really, today was so nice. Really, sustainably nice. Even though it's Finals Week for class and Tech Week for Shakespeare, which by the way are not included in my little wish for things to stay like this. What I mean is, I'd like it if I could just stay seventeen for a while longer, stay in my senior year of high school, keep working on everything I'm doing now, not have to move forward.

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I've been having a thought...

I just realised this recently, when thinking about what I might do as a Final Project for my English class when the time comes to it - the assignment is basically just 'do something English-related and have it actually be a significant accomplishment.' I realised, I don't create things, or even try to. I work with what already exists. I can analyse what already exists, or replicate it, or improve it, or pick it apart, or observe it, or what have you, but not build something entirely new.

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Slightly Embarrassing...

Well... of all the things of which I could be embarrassed, for some reason this is the main one of which I actually am...

I am somewhat obsessed with Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

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I Feel Loved

Regi came over this morning and we baked cookies and at some point we were talking about possible dorm-living in college, and she said that of all her friends, I'm the one with whom she would most prefer to be roommates. Smile. I feel loved.

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Ladybug and I explored another old abandoned building today - maybe the only other exploration-worthy one in town, I don't know. This one was bigger and spookier and full of graffiti and asbestos and pigeon feces, and there were pigeons moving around in the attic above the asbestos and scaring the wits half out of us. Maybe only scaring the wits a sixth out of us. And it was fun. And Ladybug is really nice, and fun, and everything.

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Have you lot seen those feathers girls have taken to wearing in their hair? They're long and skinny and soft and black-and-white striped. A tremendous number of my classmates have them, and they seem to have appeared kind of suddenly - like one month nobody even knew what they were, the next month at least one or two girls in every class period were wearing them.

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White Knight-ing

So Shelby pointed out that I've been 'whiteknighting,' which is pretty much true. I'm not sure whether what I write here in this entry will be an attempt at an explanation or just me trying to figure it all out in my own mind.

Twice now in the very recent, I've stuck up for someone despite bitter opposition: first and most dramatically for Lone Wolf against just about everyone, now on a much smaller scale for Flyby against Shelby. If another situation arises, I might do it again. And... I just need to sort out why.

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My mind is stuck in November

And I have no idea why. It's like those days everybody has when ey feels like it's Friday, or Tuesday, or something, even though ey knows, in eir mind, that it's actually Wednesday - yeah. For the past few days, I've been feeling like it's November.

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Valentine's Day

Sat on a park bench downtown by the creek in the rain. Waited for someone else lonesome to sit down beside. Gave up and wandered and looked at the other park benches downtown in the rain - all empty. A few couples wandering about. A few shoppers. A few pedestrians. Nobody lonesome on a park bench downtown in the rain. Walked home.

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A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead were crossing the street...

It's been a while since I've made a normal journal entry.... not much has been going on in my offline life, but there's been a lot of drama on here, which I, like everyone else, have no desire to continue.

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My Arms + Red Pen

'FLYBY,' part of a butterfly, part of a rainbow, the 'GA' of 'GAJINDIAK,' and several smilies.

*hugs* and some smilies.

'BABY RAINBOWSY,' one end of a rainbow, the 'YBY' of 'FLYBY,' and some smilies.

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I might catch a glimpse of Grey tonight. I hope I don't. And I really hope she doesn't see me, which is why I'll be in disguise. More information later, unless something shatteringly dramatic happens...

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Dear Santa,
I would like a __________ for Christmas.
Thank you,

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Question for you lot

I'm kind of tempted to tell my new friend Jude about Oasis... I'm not sure it's a good idea, though. I've been thinking, maybe too much, and can think of pretty good reasons both for and against it. So, I want to know what you guys think.

Reasons to introduce Jude to Oasis:

  • He's coming to terms with his sexuality and gender.
  • It could be a way for him and me to communicate and keep in touch - he invited me to join Facebook for that very purpose, but I decided against it because, well, it's Facebook.
  • He is kind of the ultimate 'ally.'
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