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Him, me, and jesus makes three...

So I'm in a very tough situation right now and any advice I can get will be much appreciated. A couple months ago a coworker of mine invited me to his church. He's going to college studying for ministry and has an internship with this particular church. For his sake I'll call him Ryan (He's closeted and there's complicated circumstance). I'd been into Ryan for awhile and agreed to come along. I didn't expect to enjoy the church but I did and I became a regular member. I also became closer to Ryan in the process because we were both part of the worship band.

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A terrible situation

Well I'm back to oasis again, though I can't really remember what the name of my last account was, I believe it was "Thegodmachine" or something similar. Regardless I'm stuck in a very sticky situation and there's no way out without someone getting hurt.

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