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i need help

i cant help but deny me myself. im not exactly sure what is going on inside me i can no longer distinguish the difference between emotions. im falling into a depression that i cant really see me getting out of. i need to find acceptence. i need to not only accept me for who i am but i need to have the people that are close to me accept me as well. though i fear at this point it is way to late to expect it is feesible.

ive no clue what to do. other then trying not to pay attention to the destinct click & boom that would be my sufferage ending.

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Poem: Untrue

In so many ways the world crumbles
Situations with stimulations
That make Time fly by

Allowing them to forget the lies
Told out of
Such scrutiny
All manipulating fate

Machines produced to object and correct
But a machine only does what it's told

Who is to explain such a sham

How can the claim condemn the statistics
Whole nations such unrealistics
The name of the game played only for you
If only your statement hadn't been ever so untrue


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