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The Asp

The Asp is eating itself,
The Asp is going in circles.
The Asp is never-ending,
The Asp is starving.
Eternity is twisting in its grave,
My father's breath is ceasing.
I wonder, sometimes, if you will
be there with Him, waiting
for me to join you
earlier than scheduled.
You tried, in life,
to make me happy,
Father, you nearly succeeded.
But when you took away my
you killed me instead.
Father, I will miss you so
while you watch the Asp's feasting
and please remember fondly
my face before it changes.

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I took the wrong medications. Stupid me. I ended up passing right out in the middle of my house.

I was sick the rest of the day with a headache (hit my head on the way down) and couldn't get any work done. Which is bad.

Today I also scoped out several friends that I want to try and date... I'm lonely, lately, and maybe if I can find someone to provide me with some affection I'll be able to keep a little more stable than without!

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Brilliant Mistakes

Dear Oasis,

Lately I've found myself in a bad spot- many mistakes I've made, many people I've lost. But through my pain, I have seen one thing shine through.

My life has moved forward. I'm no longer in a self-destructive rut that I'd found myself in before. I have been sacked by a man who turned me on to drugs, and hated by many of his friends who encouraged me to continue. I still smoke cigarettes, but I've not succumbed to some of the more... deadly others since. (Not something I'd like to talk about in detail.)

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Hello there.

My name is Jessica Tell, I am a transgirl in her late teens. Exactly how late is none of your business, safety reasons and whatnot.

I'm no good at introductions, so I suppose you should ask questions about me should you have any. I hope to become good friends with you all!

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