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How odd...

Ok, so I'm checking out the online course outline for a HIV course I plan on taking. I look at their links, and one of them is for, so I click on that. On THEIR link page is a link to oasis, with what must be a REALLY old picture of the logo.
It's funny how things connect. Just thought I'd share that with you all.

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So hey, I haven't written much in a while.
So I've got a significant other, I suppose. I'm pretty sure I'd call him my "boyfriend," but I've come to the understanding that this is something one asks, and not something one assumes.
At any rate, so much to talk about.
It all started about two months ago. I was talking to Alex online, and he told me that he was talking to this guy Alfred; someone who had contacted me, but I didn't feel any "chemistry," and I don't think he did either. So, nothing came of that. Alex was SO upset about this. He accused me of all sorts of things. In the end, he and Stef, my two best friends, said that I should give people a chance, and to lower my expectations a bit. So, I did, sorta.

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Oasis is back! Wheeee!

So here we are at the new Oasis, I must say I'm impressed...
Perhaps it was for the better that the old one burned out in a blaze of semi glory.... Too bad a lot of people lost a lot of stuff, (or at least I assume they did.)

So, I've already got an idea for a 'avatar' pic, but it's a gif and it's too big, by only 5k! Woe is I.... I need to find myself a good gif editor and shrink it a bit.

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