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Hey, guys.

I've been lurking here for awhile without really contributing to anything, mostly for the sake of nostalgia, but I figured I may as well post a journal for the hell of it.

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A Not-So Brief List

-I've strayed from my passion for psychology. It still fascinates me, but I can't really see myself having a career in it, unless it was research-oriented. I was set on a creative writing/psychology double major, but my plans have changed.

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I guess first and foremost I just want to say that Oasis has been a very helpful resource for me these past three years. The discussions and interactions I've participated in or observed on this site have been eye-opening and have allowed me to even make a few friends on this site.

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I'm heading home for winter break in about an hour. I'm dropping off my friends at the train station, then making the two-hour drive back home. It'll be nice to be home again. I'll have a week to relax, then I'll start working at my old job all through December. I need money. I've been a little excessive with my spending these past three months, and my checking account has suffered. At least I've learned my lesson.

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Today's date is so fun to write.

I think I'll start with smaller stuff and get to the meat of this journal later (P.S: the meat involves relationship-esque things). Ummm I fucking love college, in case that wasn't abundantly clear already. I've learned more in one term of college than I have in one year of high school, and that's really not an exaggeration. I mean, it really isn't even worth it to compare high school and college. To do so would be like comparing Stephanie Meyer and Shakespeare.

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Well, I have a girlfriend now. Officially, as in that's what we're calling each other now. It seems illogical to dive into a relationship with someone you haven't yet met in person, but hey, we talk on the phone, we text, we see pictures of each other online. I don't have Skype though. She calls me babe, which feels weird but not bad but not excellent either. Oftentimes I don't really know how I feel about everything in general. But more on that later.

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Girl Problems.

Welp, I have some things to share.

First and foremost, this weekend was fantastic. Saturday my suite mate/close friend Kaylie and I made a trip to Chicago for a concert. One considerable dilemma: my car window will not roll up. The mechanism is busted and will cost 250 dollars to fix, and I couldn't get it taken care of in time for the trip, so imagine going 75 on the highway at midnight in October with a window down. Yeah.

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A relatively short one.

About a week ago, I started talking to this girl. When I say talking, I don't mean face-to-face. Let me put this into context: one of my closest friends here, Sarah, a suite mate, has a friend from back where she lives who happens to be a lesbian. So she tags us both in one of her tweets, saying the two of us should totally talk, and the three of us get into a conversation on twitter. Deciding to be smooth for once in my life, I say that twitter is a terrible place for conversations, the girl adamantly agrees, and I get her number.

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College Adventures (But not really) Pt. 2

I just really do not like my roommate. At all. I honestly don't see us becoming besties ever. I know I complained about her in my last journal, but I'm gonna complain about her some more. For one thing, she always acts like she never has a fucking clue what's going on. She has this perpetual look of confusion on her face that really annoys me. I'm surprised she hasn't been hit by a car yet.

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College Adventures (But not really)

I know I shouldn't be writing this, but I'm bored so why the fuck not. That's a weird problem I've been facing lately, by the way. An abundance of free time. Time management is a whole new game in college, it seems. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I have Human Rights and Ways of Reading. Human Rights is an examination of social issues around the world, from LGBT rights in Russia to the political crisis in Syria, which seems pretty neat. Ways of Reading is all about literary criticism and different methods of analyzing literature, which seems okay, I guess.

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That was a terrible goodbye.

I made it seem like I was gonna dramatically exit the site for weeks, but three days later here I am. Classes and clubs and whatnot don't start until Thursday, so for now other than the mandatory orientation meetings, I've found myself with an abundance of free time.

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Goodbye, I guess....?

I leave for college tomorrow. All summer I've been wishing for time's quicker passing and now that my wish has seemed to come true I'm a little nervous. But a good kind of nervous. Most of my things are packed and my dad is coming over later today to load my stuff in his truck since my trunk's latch is busted. So I'll be shoving a few giant Tupperware containers in my back seats and Dad'll take care of the rest.

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Free Write #6

-Love isn't supposed to hurt. The way we humans love one another is flawed and we create the hurt.

-I said goodbye to a friend over dinner a few days ago. We went to the same restaurant we used to go to every Monday. She's left for Minnesota and I feel absolutely nothing.

-The past hurts to think about. There are people I miss and memories I want to relive, but the future is looking fantastic.

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Everything Is Suck Right Now.

We had to put my oldest cat, Buddy, to sleep today. In the past few weeks he's stopped eating and I've had to watch him slowly wither away into a skeleton. We took him to the vet and we were told it was a thyroid problem, but the medication prescribed for thyroid issues didn't restore his appetite like it should have. I think it was something more than that. He got to a point where he couldn't even get up and walk he was so weak.

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Journal Deleted, So I'll Replace It With This

A random thought: formal events like proms and whatever else are gonna be a challenge. Because I'm not feminine enough to feel comfortable in a dress, but I'm not butchy enough to feel comfortable in a tux. So what do? What the hell am I gonna wear to my own wedding someday?

Androgyny sucks sometimes.

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