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Queer Cinema. Really?

Whatever's happened to good old queer cinema. Where are the Arakis and Jarman's.
I am a bit concerned the way most LGBT cinema has entered the mainstream leaving us at best with shoddy gay zombie films or equally mainstream 'Gays gone wild'. I cant believe this is the same Todd Stephens who delivered the rather powerful Edge of Seventeen.

While I have no problem with the LGBT cinema entering the mainstream- infact it is something worth celebrating, I have grave concerns the way Queer cinema is 'normatising' itself to fit the mainstream moulds.

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New Indian Queer Cinema: Onir’s I Am [1]

Independent Queer Cinema in India first made its appearance in 1996 through Riyadh Wadia’s much acclaimed Bomgay. Since then Indian Cinema has come a long way accommodating Queer desires within its narrative. These explicitly queer themed films have only been screened privately or at festivals (in India and abroad) thus having a limited release. By rejecting aesthetic, production and generic conventions of mainstream cinema, one finds bolder imagery and subject choice. Since 1996, more than a hundred such films have been made for public consumption.

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