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Drag things, woo hoo.

I'm new to drag really, and I've been using really cheap makeup, so its hard to look TOO good, but here!

I'm improving every day. Gotta work more on eyeliner and eyeshadow and blending and eyebrows, but I've basically got lips and contouring down.

Also needing a new wig because mine is cheap ;_;

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Back, Nearly a Year Later!

Hello everyone! Yes friends it is I, Chris, and I haven't returned for good, just to sum up what my life has been like this past year!

~ Family support is still going strong. Out and proud and seeing a counselor to help with my depression. I got on antidepressants and haven't relapsed in about 2 months!

~ I've become semi-tumblr famous (AKA reaching my first 1k followers and doing a giveaway and meeting people)

~ I'm kinda sorta maybe dating someone from this site that I've talked to on Tumblr a lot and yeah it's exciting <3

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Hey, everyone! I haven't been on here in like, 5ever. It's ridiculous, what with actually having RL Friends and then there's tumblr and WoW and League and school and asdfgjukiol.

There's a lot going on in my life, let me start from where I last left off.

1) Coming out? Done. Completely. Everyone knows and it's so much better, honestly.

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So, Hollywood Undead is starting to grow on me. Mainly "Bullet" and "Turn Off The Lights". "Everywhere I Go" is kinda nifty xD

So this furry guy I have a crush on is texting me while he's babysitting. Our friendship is odd. He /knows/ I like him, and surprisingly, he's still talking to me! It's pretty cool, and the fact that I don't think he's absolutely straight is giving me hope xD

I mean, he has a gay furry porn tumblr. Yeah. *pukes rainbows*

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How to Contact Me + Life Updates!

So, first off all, I have to tell you all that TUMBLR HAS TAKEN OVER MY LIFE I'M SO SORRY FOR SAYING I'D BE MORE ACTIVE ON HERE. And I have to apologize to my Tumblr followers for spamming your dash with Klaine and Josh Hutcherson and everything <3

So, onto the main purpose. Since I haven't been as active on here, I decided I'll give you all the sites I AM active on! Yay!

Tumblr - (because Peegale is the best Hunger Games ship!)

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So, uh...came out to my mom

And she was surprisingly fine with it. Apparently, she told my grandparents and aunt that I was recently depressed (although not for this reason, I was for a while though) and they assumed it was because of me being gay, and they're like "Tish, you're the only one who doesn't really know"

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So much stress. I need opinions.

So, my mom found my scars. It was a mix of crying and yelling on her part, some disappointment, and quiche making. But that was like, 3 days ago. Then she said that if she found more, I'd have to see a therapist counselor person. Today, she said she thought it best if I saw one anyways. She asked me if I'd talk to them if she found one, and I told her I'd have to think about it.

So I really don't know. I don't think I need a counselor, but on the other hand, I think it would be nice just in case. So I need some opinions. If you were in my position, what would you do? x3

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So, Glee tonight.



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HurrDurr Hey There, Oasissss.

Hey guys :D I was bored, so I decided to come back and give some updates to how my life is doing, and ask how everyone else is doing.

So first off, hello new people! My journals have become so rare that I should open with that statement on each one >.>

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. A few things that have changed, or other things. Yeah. You get it.

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So, hi everyone :O

Hey guyyysss. I know I've been off and on of this site for a while since school started, but I think I'm like, back in the loop. First off, I'd like to welcome all the new people, if there are any. Like hell if I know >.>

Things I've been up to since the start of school? Well...
1) Failing Chemistry because the teacher is a dumbfuck who can't teach xD
2) Failing Geometry because of the same reason
3) All my online friends know I'm gay, and I'm pretty sure, since I've been a bit about things, that more people are noticing it in real life.

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My Steak Wasn't Done D:-4

Some is kind of lame
Some is funny
and some is eh.

So, did I say that my sister is pregnant? I think. She's keeping it, and Mom got over it. They're back to normal again. BUT I still don't know if she could handle me being gay just yet. Like, my sister comes walking in going "Did you know it's national coming out day?" and I was like "FUCK, I was thinking of doing it then, but then is now, and I'm not ready. (Point 1)" and then Christy was like "Did mom ever ask about your bracelet yet? (Point 2)" and I was like "nope. >.>"

So, let's hit these points.

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I Hope I Don't Die D:

So, let's recap the last 12 hours.
1) Got home
2) Cut myself
3) Misjudged the sharpness of the knife
4) Bled. More than usual.
5) Freaked out and tried to stop the bleeding
6) Find out I may have cut a vein
7) Get the bleeding to stop
no more numbers, that takes a while.
- Put a bandaid on it
- Go to sleep scared to death
- Wake up and check it
- No bleeding, still alive
- Red spot around it, and itchy near it?
- Go to Newark
- Come home
- Freak out because I may have a blood clot or infection
- Type this
- Freak out more.
- Thinks about telling mom, but I must lie.

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Family Drama Attack Mode!! :O

Okay, so yeah. My sister is pregnant. Again. Like, she's 20 years old, and a year ago she was pregnant, and she wanted to keep it, but she was living at home, and mom made her abort it. But she's pregnant again with a different guy, and she's keeping it this time, so Mother is kicking her out of the house and taking her off of the insurance. GoFuckingFigure. I was told that "she thinks she was pregnant" Last Sunday, and Monday she took me to school and told me that she took a test and she definitely is.

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2.5 people in this class are gay.

So, I was in bio, with my teacher who I thought I was going to hate but ending up loving, because we get him him off topic a loooottttt, but that's why I love it. Anyways, this girl in my class was talking about wanting to be a Cav scount in the military but how they won't let her because she has a vagina, and he got to talking about how he thinks everyone should be treated equal, if you wanna do something you should be able to do it whether or not you're black, white, male, female, and he said that he doesn't judge on anything.

Then, someone mentioned DADT being repealed today.

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Fuck My Life.


for our family reunion,

we're going to rent a few cottages,

and stay up at a park




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