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Blood on the Dance Floor has taken my heart again. <3

Yes, again. And this song, and the video, they're both amazingepicness.

Very catchy. I fucking love these guys.

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So, I like to keep a schedule of future things...

And I know I said I wanted to Come Out on a random day, but I think I made a date for it...


Dunno why, maybe it's cuz 11:11 is supposedly good luck, so yeah, 11/11/11...Maaayyybbbbeeeee...not sure.

Took a French, Chem, Geometry, English, aannndd a History quiz today, fml...but math is sooo easy, she goes over homework before we turn it in and I just copy it down, and Mrs. Ogre is a failteacher, so it's fine >.>

I don't know what else to say :3


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Asdfghjkl;' X.X

Well, been through my first full week of Sophomore year, and lemme tell ya...

It sucks.

I mean, it's NOTHING like Freshman year, at all. The teachers are less fun and more "ZOMG PASS TO OGTS OR I'LL HATE YOUR FACE.".And I have an F in Bio because when I did definitions for Vocab, i didn't do the ones in the back of the book >.> What the fuck.

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Well That Was Fast :O

Sorry for the next journal coming so quickly, but I wanted to say this. Er, watch this video, please...Might be a trigger? I don't know, I'm not familiar with that terminology. X_X

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Cologne Turns Me On o_o


This is one smell that, worn by the right person, can turn me on so fucking fast. And guess who was wearing it today? :D

Yeah, my locker neighbor, who JUST HAPPENS to brush by me to get to his locker, right when I was breathing in (I'm a nose breather unless I'm congested. x_x) and OMG EXPLOSION. xD

Other than that, I got a 41/40 on my French quiz, best score in the class, maybe in all of French II, and I'm uber proud. :D It was basically conjugating of verbs we learned last year. But NOW, we're doing fucking PAST TENSE. I'm going to fail this year x_x

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My Body Is Ready.

Okay, first off, that hot dude I said I sit next to in almost every class, has a locker right next to me (alphabetical order ftw) and he bent over to get some books from his bag and I was just like

Uploaded with

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First Day of School :3

So yeah. Let's sum this up in a few random phrases, up to this point.

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The Mega-Bitch Strikes Back! :O

Yeah, my mother. And I just remembered, before posting this simple, like, convsersation, we were talking in the car, and I forget what it was about, but we (My dad, mom, and me) were laughing, and then my mom turns to my dad, and goes "If he turns out gay, it's your fault." And I'm just like ._. So yeah, here.

Mom ~ *typing on facebook* Here! *clicks on a profile* This kid, ____ Farson...I used to call him "Fag Face Farson" in High School.

Dad ~ Oh?

Me ~ Because you're homophobic

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Random Journal of Randomness

Kay, let's start of by saying that I don't think you should be a part of a community if you don't like those people. For example, Yama. He said he hates gay people, and thinks we're the WORST people in the world, and that Jeff is a "fucking man whore" lolololololololol, Jeff, don't worry, you rock, man whore or not. xD

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So Bored....asdfghjkl.

I have like nothing to do. I'm hanging up at my grandma's, when my cousin's friend like, walks through the door, and I'm like "ffs..." because we hooked up once, like a year ago, and fucked around (But he thinks I'm straight LOLOLOLOLwut.) and I got the vibe that he wanted to again, but I was like "naw dewd.". And now he's all awkward sitting on the couch playing his 3DS. I'm sitting here trying to revise my first novel and asdfghjkl just made like 3 eggs in a skillet, wondered why they weren't cooking, and just WTF The stove wasn't on.

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I just watched the movie Cyberbully.


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Yeah, my iTunes is being fucking stupid, and I went to play a song (after I cleaned out my entire fucking desktop where they were saved. I though "hey, if they're on iTunes, I can delete them, right?") But FFFUUUUCCCKKK. It gave me the error like "iTunes can't play this file because it can't be found" so I have to go through and redownload the 27 or so songs I can't seem to find because I emptied my recycling bin :/ But since I copied them onto Wordpad for easy reference, I thought of this as an opportunity to share with Oasis my taste in music.

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I'm Done.

I'm done being treated like I don't have fucking feelings. Like I'm some worthless piece of shit that everyone can walk on. I'm tired of not having friends, only being there when people need help. Like a 2nd option. I'm tired of being treated, never like a friend, more like some nobody whom they can replace easily. All my friends treat me like a pushover, like I'll just forgive and forget. Well truth is, I'm done. They can all rot in hell. I'm done dealing with people's shit now.

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Casey Anthony: Surprised I'm The First Journal About This.

So, Casey Anthony. I'm pretty sure everyone's heard about this. Yes? Well, it's the mother that supposedly beat and murdered her child, and then lied to law enforcement officers about where she was at the time of this death. Well, today was her trial, and she was found Not Guilty for 3 charges, all being aggrivated child abuse and the murder. Then she was found Guilty for 4 counts of lying to a law enforcement officer. YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THE EFFING FACEBOOK POSTS ABOUT THIS.

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Senate Bill S978. RAGEEEEE.

Okay, for those of you who don't know, Senate Bill S978 is the bill prohibiting any copywritted (copywritten? O_O) material to be broadcast over the web. It was INTENDED to probably stop pirated material from being spread, like copied music albums and movies. But the way the bill is worded NOW, it prohibits ANY kind of copy(writted/written) material on the web. Unless you're like Vevo, or some stupid shit, no fanmade videos for songs, no Let's Play videos for your favorite games, and no clips from your favorite movies.

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