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'Erryday I'm Shufflin'.

Okay, seriously. Look at this video, if you haven't seen it already, and tell me how cool this would be to be in a flash mob to the song JUST LIKE THIS.

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Mind Fucks All Around!

This week has just been blah. First off, my cousin was caught stealing stuff from my grandpa to buy weed, but at least he confessed to it, and kinda sorta said he'd stop. But then my aunt, his mom, blew up on him, saying that it's HIS fault that she has a drinking problem now, that it's HIS fault that she sleeps around with random bar guys, and that it's HIS fault that she's depressed all the time. Then, nobody could find him. Turns out, he had his dad pick him up, who lives like two hours away.

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Blah. Just...blah.

I've been so tired recently. I normally, in the summer, go to sleep at about 4 AM, and wake up at like 12:30. But now...I'm actually following a pattern. Blech! Sleep at about 12, wake up at like 9:30. What the fuck is wrong with me...I want to pull an allnighter dammit.

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Chocolate Cocks?

Well, my Mom had a pure romance party today. If you don't know what that is, it's pretty much erotic toys and like, edible body glitter and shit. So, my dad and I had nothing to do from 6 to 8:30, so we drove around. But before this, my mom mad chocolates. She has this penis mold, and made CHOCOLATE COCKS. Like, duh fuck? But yeah, she let me make my own, and I used white chocolate (not rascist like her, it was the only type that didn't harden yet) and made this amazing chocolate dick. :D

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My Favorite Movies, In No Specific Order.

I'm bored, so I decided to make a post of my favorite movies, and TV shows, so here it is.

~Rocky Horror Picture Show
~Phantom of the Opera
~Repo! The Genetic Opera
~Tu Wong Foo
~Road to El Dorado
~Return to Never Land (And now Peter Pan reminds me of Jeff, because of his pic on here. xD)
~Wizard of Oz
~Shock Treatment
~Despicable Me
~Anything Tim Burton :3
~Resident Evil (all of them)
~Austin Powers
~Mostly anything will Ferrill
~Jennifer's Body (Bleh, Megan Fox...that's all guys are obssessed with nowadays)

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Best Movie EVAR.

So, I've seen Tangled before. I LOOOOVVVEEEEDDD IT. SSSOOOO MMMUUUCCCHHH. It's such a sweet movie, kinda basic Disney layout, but ohmuhgawsh it's so breathtaking. Especially in the part where they're in the boat, and the laterns are lit and they fly up into the night sky, and then Rapunzel lights one and it starts flying. Gah, I cried there. Like, legit waterworks. Before I go into detail about WHY I'm crying, here's a synopsis. And a kindasortaspoiler, but I'll alert right before that.

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My Reason for Not Accepting the Apology.

I've been stabbed in the back too many times, promises thrown away and empty apologies given without feeling. I can tell that if you say you're sorry for one thing, then go and say it again, you must believe it's true. I also don't beileve people change. Like, ever. They can mask it fairly well, but one slip up, and they're bound to revert to their old self. All of these in consideration, I have refused Yamamoto's apology. I'm not saying he's not truly sorry, but from my own experiences, I'm just not going to deal with it.

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Good Day So Far. :D

Well, all the drama today was pretty fun, I got a few laughs in because, come on, who COULDN'T laugh at all that shit. xD It's a pretty productive, I made a new friend over it (Flyby, FYI) and we are currently PMing. :D I'm effing tired. We're going skating tomorrow for gym, and we're supposed to do 40 laps. 40. wwhhaattt duuuhhhh eeeefffffffff. o_o. maybe I'll run my camera while I skate around, and put it on youtube, and link it, because I'm bored. Sorry if I mispell anytihng, I'm falling asleep as I'm typing this...o_o

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Update on Mega Bitch (Mom)

Here's a conversation we had today. >.>

Mom: (talking about a car) That's pretty gay.
Me: So it's homosexual?
Mom: Pretty Much.
Me: I hope you know homophobia makes me sick, and people like that are heartless.
Mom: I was just being, er, sarcrastic.
Me: Right. I bet you're sarcastic about your rascism as well?
Mom: O_O
~~~~~ 5 Minutes Later ~~~~~
Me: (Singing my heart out to Blasphemy by Cinema Bizarre)
Mom: Is that a Christian Band?
Me: No, not really.
Mom: Huh? (Herp Derp)

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What The Fuck?

First of all,;_ylt=A0S00Slxkv9N9xwAEg307BR.;_y...
Go fucking figure...I mean really...

We're gay because we don't like girls. Vagina is nasty and just, ew. At least to me it is. If you get hard around girls, then consider yourself bi. I mean, straight guys don't get hard around other guys, so whhhhyyyy? Go figure. I like the dude's answer though. xD

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Skype and Last Night Fun-ness.

A Skype. Add me if you would like. ^_^


And, I was in a wreck today. My sister was driving, and we went around this turn, and her brakes locked, so we skidded and hit a guard rail, then swerved and drove into a ditch. Her car is totaled, but we're all okay. :/

I got drunk for the first time last night. Got some Smirnoff, Green Apple flavored, and just chugged it out of the bottle. Then we ( we being my sister, her BF, and my cousin) smoked weed, and fell asleep in our tents. It was a pretty epic night, 'cept of all the bug bites. o_o.

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Well, I may be leaving Oasis. I've talked to Jeff about it, and I'm still deciding, but I might just stay and not even log on. This site was supposed to help vent shit. But in the end it's only caused more drama than I had normally. I know you all are gonna say "But it was your fault, omg, we're just trying to help" Because saying that makes it ALL SO MUCH BETTER. No. I don't want any of that. Because yelling at me definitely qualifies for help. And as for being an ass to Yama, I have my reasons.

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Short Journal. >.>

Sorry I haven't been posting much. I think I'm done here, on Oasis. I dunno. I don't really belong here, and it's caused more drama than what I started with. So yeah, I'll keep making journals and shit when I feel like it, but that's about it. Whaaaattteeevvveeeeerr.

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Skating and Shit.

Well, first off, I think my ex-bully crush thing was just hormones, because he didn't seem as hot today as he was yesterday. on the OTHER hand, HotSophomore was being a huge show off today (in a good way, of course) when we went skating. He was doing like, 3 laps around the rink, when everyone was just on their first. He was a speed demon, and the whole time I'm just like "Dayuummmm, he's gots some skilllzzz." Only skills I had was that I could skate while reading I Am Number Four, which is a very good book. I recommend it highly. :D

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My Summer. >.>

Well, I had 6 days to myself, and then summer gym started. It's this 3 week, 15 day program that we bowl, skate, and swim during to get our gym credit. Did I go over this already? Oh well.

Yesterday was HELL. We walked about 3 miles because it was the 1st day, and nothing was planned. My feet were sore, seeing as how I walk in converse. Today, we walked to the end of the school's driveway, which I swear, is half a mile. He says we're going to do it EVERY. FUCKING. DAY. Gah.

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