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I Broke My Algebra II Book. D:

Okay, well, I was just walking down the hall, lalalala, high school hallway, when all the fucking sudden, my algebra book falls out of the book cover. I think "How the fuck?" the I realize, not only did it fall out of the book cover, it fell out of the binding. Like, the cover and spine of the book in one part, and the pages all stuck together (THANK GOD) in another part. I must now find some Krazy Glue to get it back together, or break down and admit to my teacher what happened. She's fun, so she'd be cool. I'd just need to pay out $80, which Mom doesn't seem to understand.

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Now, I'm a HUGE fan of BOTDF, but I just now found this song. It's my new favorite. AND, the lead singer of the band is gay, although it's not him singing this one. :D I hope I embed this right.

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Awkward Girl has a Crush on Me, and some old Ghost Stories. O_O

So I leave the bathroom I sit in for 45 minutes while I skip band, and go to wait for the bus, when this's call her TM. Anyways, she comes up to me and starts bitching to me about her friend, and I just nod, and eventually the subject changes.

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Death in a Real Life Dream?

Okay, today went slow and fast at the same time.I woke up, and just sat on my couch...just...sitting there. Not watching or listening to anything. 15 minutes later, Dad tells me to get in the shower. I do, and I fall asleep...actually...I don't remember it, but I know i got a shower...~_~ I got out, fell asleep as I dried off, and got dressed and fell asleep again.

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I love you, BBUUUUUTTT ~_~

So I'm sitting on my laptop, stalking hot guys on facebook, when my sister walks in. All I hear her say is "Don't EVER tell Mom you're gay." And she leaves. I'm sitting there like "er...uh...whhhaaaaattt?" So I get on Facebook, even though she's in the next room, and I ask her.
Her- Just a sec...
5 minutes later
Me- Hellllooo?
Her- Mom is in here, wait..
45 mintues later
Me- Tell me what's going on, now.

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Auto Erotic Asphyxiation. :D

Well, nothing eventful really happened today. I got free candy from HotSophomoreIStalkOnFacebook. We have SADD, Students Against Drunk Driving, so when you drove into school today, if you had your seatbelt on, then you got smarties! And guess what I got? :D Got a B on my Algebra 2 final, so yay there...uh...


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Whoopie Cushions For The Win ^_^

Well, my birthday has passed. I am now 15 (If, on any other post I said I was 15, it's 'cause I just round when it's about a month till my birthday). I occured on May Second, and it being a Monday, it was pretty bad. I had to go to school, take an Algebra 2 final, and a chemistry section test in Science. On the bright side, I got sang to in very high pitched squeaky voices. :D

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Troubles concerning Yamamoto...

I'm sure this is what is currently the gossip floating around Oasis. The 3 AM fight I had with Yamamoto over religion, his depression, want to kill his roomate, and other stuff. I would just like to say one thing...

I regret nothing.

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Ice Cream and Arsenic:)

Well, this isn't as much of a journal as it is a rant. Because it's 3:30 in the morning, and I'm still up dealing with stupid shit on Facebook, so I'm in kind of a pissy mood. But let me tell you the general idea of what this is about...


They like, parade around my school, all stuck up. But when you get online at night, you see a depressing status. ~~~
Status: FML, everything is going wrong
Random Comment: Is everything okay?
Status-er: No, everything in my life SUCKS.

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I just came out to my Sister...

I feel like, laughing, crying, and puking all at once...and I don't even remember me saying it. We were sitting in her room, talking, and she goes "Oh yeah! What was that secret you were ognna tell me" and I kinda, figited uncomfortably, and she's all "I tell you ALL of mine, you can't tell my this one thing?" so more figiting, until like 3 minutes of "TELL ME!" Goes on. I jsut blurt it out.

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So I had a very fucked up day at school. Someone threw lettuce in my French Book. The fuck? so I throw it back, only to have the Vice Principal walk in and be all "merp" about it. I said "The problem is that I have thousand island dressing all over muh vocab words" so he said "don't talk back to me" so I almost got a detention. ~_~. But then I text my sister, who was shadowing in the room a few doors down, and I said "Can we take a drive after school? We need to talk." and I was PLANNING on telling her I was gay.

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Boring Life is Boring.

Well, 23 more days of school...thank God. I hate that place SO much. I see no reason that we should go, I mean, I could get the same education being homeschooled...when I was in Kindergarden, I was reading at a fourth grade level, and that was the first thing I was bullied for. Then my weight, because I am NOT the skinniest person ever...40 lbs overweight, but yeah. Then insults turned from "fat" and "geek" into things more like "stupid ass mother fucker" and "fucking faggot" in what seemed like one year.

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So...any "Coming Out Tips" ?

For those of you who are out, how'd you do it? Were you scared? Was it pre-meditated, or random and on-the-spot. Please give any details that will help, because I'm at the point now where I just want to scream it. ~_~ Think, not only will this help me, but anyone else on this amazing website-family that are having difficulties. :D
I promise, an actual post when so real life drama happens.

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Just Dance 2 Makes Me Feel Sexeh.

You heard me. I played Just Dance 2 for Wii, and I did Toxic. It had me touching myself all over in ways that could be considered erotic dancing. :D Oh, and while I'm at it.... <---AmazingEpicSauce. XD

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I don't have much to write tonight. D:

Well, today was boring. I woke up at 9, got my Easter Basket which contained Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1, and a whole SHITLOAD of candy :D. Played World of Warcraft until about 3, when my cousin...well, let's give some backstory.

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